Technology has Revolutionized the High School Education and Internship Programs


The advancement in technology has influenced the lives of everyone in this world. It has been associated with numerous benefits in every aspect of life and in education as well. The mere existence of different ways of learning through technology has shaped the lives of many in better ways.

To make it more evident, Technology has given an entirely new dimension to education and job market. The way education is being consumed through more than one way is one of the revolutionary accomplishments of emerging new technology.

Talking about education, technology has had a noticeable impact on high school education and internship programs. In the present time, There is no need to go through a list of encyclopedias just to find a specific piece of information instead you have access to an endless amount of information via your phones, tablets, and laptops. With information right at the tips of fingers, learning has been made the way easier than it used to be before.

A sole purpose of linking, means of technology to the high school education was to improve the level of education being provided. Technology helps in improving teaching as well as a learning experience for the students and this, in turn, increases the chance of them climbing the ladder to success swiftly. Technology has enabled them to find better internship opportunities once they are free from High School.

Though many contradictory statements have been made that have directed against the technology, as the argument is that technology distracts the student and in turn makes them less attentive towards their studies and they fail to get better internship opportunities.

But, It is needless to say that technology has contributed to high school education in countless ways.

Impact of Technology on High School Education

To make the benefits of education on high school education more prominent, here are some of the advantages listed below;

1. Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning management systems are resources that have been provided to high school students with the help of technology.

Because of learning management systems, education is not restricted to physical presence in classrooms anymore. Students can now access their lectures or teachers and even their assignments for that matter, wherever they are. They can revise their concepts, spend more time on the lectures and do online exercise in order to prepare themselves better for evaluation tests.

Another way to look at it is, The students who are slow learners, can also access this feature and take as much time as they require to study a particular lecture, according to their pace.

All they need is a laptop or mobile device and a stable internet connection to make it happen, all thanks to technology.

2. Parental Contribution

Another factor that has been contributing to the lives of students with the help of technology is a parent’s involvement in their children’s studies.

In today’s world, everyone’s busy in their hectic work schedule. Even the parents are trying their best to keep up with the busy schedule of their lives owing to the productivity-oriented society. This makes it hard for them to pay attention to their child’s studies and the reports.

But, This problem can be tackled as well by using technology at its finest. To assist their children in their homework or other study related matters, parents can now video call them anytime they want. There are many other ways and tools which makes it possible to collaborate online with their kids.

Similarly, Several high schools have adopted the online portal method which has every detail related to their school performance uploaded on that student profile. This helps the parent keep a check on their kid’s attendance, assignment and their results. This online framework makes it possible for the parents to keep a track of their kid’s performance in high school and provide them assistance wherever needed.

3. Technology-Based Projects

In the times before, when technology had not reached the heights as it has today, the projects were not technology-oriented.

In the fast-paced world, students need to think and learn new skills in order to compete with the ever-changing rules of the world. Technology-based projects help them develop instincts such as collaborating instead of memorizing, whenever they are using web for research purposes and to connect with the students who are not physically present at the same place.

This part of their learning will help their bright minds to be trained to work in modern times, as the students participate in high school internships.

4. Improved Communication

Communication is an essential part of any working system and the same can be said about education systems.

When there is a wide communication gap with teachers and students, it makes it hard for the students to overcome this hindrance and as a result of their performance is affected. To reduce this, technology has played a great part in building a virtual bridge between students and teachers in the form of online assignment postings.

5. Online Degree

A great stride of technology in the lives of many hard-working people around the world is the completion of a degree online.

People who work all day and can’t attend classes have the chance to get their degree with the help of education online. The litanswers is a fabulous website for finding answers to questions. A massive amount of knowledge is present at the disposal of the learner worldwide and there are some online teaching facilities that are provided as well.

6. Different forms of Learning Content

Technology has greatly influenced the ways in which learning content is delivered now.

Students now find it easier and interesting to learn since teachers are more inclined towards getting attention if they use graphics and animations to teach the students. Providing students with more than one way to learn is one of the best giving of emerging technology in the 21st century.

All in all, Learning opportunities and the access to it is unprecedented in scope all because of technology. It provides better resources to teachers as well as students. New approaches to working together even after being miles apart, make the process of collaboration easier.

The change that technology has made in high school education is matchless as it has made knowledge more accessible and meaningful as it makes the interaction between the teacher, student and parents more convenient.

So, It is permissible to say that technology is a superpower when it comes to providing quality high-school education.


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