How Much Speed Do You Need For Online Gaming?


If you enjoy online gaming, then you know that slow internet speeds can make or break how you finish and how you connect with other players. If there are other people in your home using the internet at the same time you’re playing, then it can begin to strain the speed. There is a difference between fast internet and a good connection. It’s sometimes better to have a better connection and a slower speed so that the lag isn’t as prominent.

Online Gaming

Understand the Difference

There’s a graphics chip for the games that you play that results in what you see on the screen. It also allows you to see the actions of other players. There really isn’t a lot of information sent between the server and the person playing the game. Some of the details that rely on your internet connection include the keystrokes that are made as well as when you click on the mouse. Your location and the location of the other players often relies on the internet connection as well as the way you communicate with other players. The location can sometimes create a slowdown, especially if there are several people playing at one time. Most of the modern games that you play online need 3 Mbps for you to see the best results. You also need to look at the upload speed since you’re going to work with other people. An average upload should be about 2 Mbps. A Nintendo Switch typically uses these speeds while an Xbox One doesn’t need as much upload speed. If the connection that you have meets these minimal requirements, then you should be able to play most of the games that you want. When you look at the speeds offered by most providers, you’ll see that some offer as high as 25 Mbps. Although you might not need a speed that’s this high, you might want to look into a service that offers about 10 Mbps so that there are no lags while other people are on the internet.


The length of time that it takes for a signal to get from your device to the server and back again is the latency. If the latency is high, then it could result in poor gaming quality. If there’s a significant distance between your device and the server, then you might experience higher latency. This is because there are several steps that the signal has to cross, and as more steps are added, the longer it will be for the signal to come back to your device.

The type of connection can often have an impact on your speeds. Fiber optic is usually the best connection compared to copper wires. A satellite internet connection is typically the slowest, and you could have data caps that prevent you from being online while playing your game if you happen to go over the allowed amount. Google Fiber is a plan to look into that has one of the fastest connections for those who play games online.

Better Connections

If possible, connect an ethernet cord directly to your internet source. This can prevent some of the lag from a wireless connection that might occur. You should also make sure the device is as close as possible to the internet source. If you notice any lag, try resetting your devices to see if it helps. Some of your equipment might need to be updated as well to help increase your speed.

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