How to Become a Java Developer in 6 Months?


A lot of work goes into becoming a successful programmer or software developer in the front or back end. Java is one of the most-used and extensively popular programming languages, and it is the dream of every aspiring software engineer/developer to master the language. The most obvious reasons for learning Java are:

  • It is universal and reliable
  • It has various applications, from simple phones to Tesla cars
  • It provides excellent backward compatibility
  • It is compatible with any device

Due to its extensive object-oriented features, Java is often used in server-based applications, big data systems, desktop and web applications, and Android programs. Furthermore, due to the number of options available in the job market, it is also easier for aspiring Java developers to aim to learn the language in six months.

However, more than knowledge of programming is required to become a successful Java developer, although it takes most of the credit. There are other skillsets and dedication essential to become the best java developer. This includes acquiring the right knowledge about the programming language, database management systems, frameworks, key constructs, and architecture is essential to become a successful Java developer.

Java Developer

Skills needed to become a Java Developer

Technology is changing every second, and employers often look for candidates who learn more about the growing demands of technology and adapt to its changes. But to do so, it is essential to concentrate on the basics and build a strong foundation that will help engineers and developers to adapt to newer technologies and updates much faster. Therefore, in addition to learning Java programming, the additional skills needed are:

Debugging skills

As mentioned above, writing high-quality code is only half the job of a developer. A developer must also possess the ability to make changes and debug programs efficiently without hampering the code’s readability or changing its meaning. This skill can be enhanced with ample practice.

Problem-solving skills

One of the prerequisites of a java developer is the ability to solve problems in easier ways. For instance, if a task needs ten lines of code, a skilled developer will find ways to decrease the number of lines without affecting its functionality or the purpose of the code.

People skills

A coder or a programmer only sits in a dark room and writes codes for only a short time. A part of their job description is interacting with managers, team members, clients, and other company employees involved in the project. Hence, the ability to thrive in a highly communicative environment is a must.

Ability to plan

Planning a code in a detailed manner, especially with teammates, is also considered an important task for the job. It is an essential skill set that must be addressed, and an aspiring developer must work on these skills to secure a good programming job.

Ability to plan

Ability to meet deadlines

A large part of a Java programmer’s job is delivering projects within deadlines. If you practice adhering to schedules and deadlines, irrespective of the project’s complexity, you’re one step closer to becoming the best Java developer your company has seen.

Tips to become a Java Developer

Here are some tips which will help in becoming a great java developer in 6 months.

Java 8

Java 8 is the latest version of Java, and every employer expects their candidates to know Java 8 like the back of their hand.

Springboot framework

Although many Java frameworks exist, beginners are expected to know Springboot, enabling developers to build applications from older versions of Java and use their objects for the SE programming models.

Unit testing

The skill of unit testing differs between an average Java developer from a good one. Most developers are all about coding and debugging. But, with unit testing skills, the chances of getting hired by a reputable company will increase twofold.

Libraries and APIs

Java offers applications on different platforms. Thanks to the many options on their libraries and APIs, which make it happen! Suppose you’re an aspiring developer looking to build and maintain applications on the web, server-side and mobile applications. In that case, it is important to know the working of all the libraries and APIs.

Java virtual machine internals

Java Virtual Machine works in the Java Runtime Environment where byte codes can be executed. If you’re learning Java from scratch, it is important to know how the language works and what happens in the backend. This knowledge will help solve debugging issues and reduce work on research and implementation.

DevOps tools

DevOps tools are the best options to streamline coding and software development. It provides a high-end finish to build and maintain programs on web applications.

Data structures

Data structures include coding arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists, and many other options, which help in problem-solving and increase code implementation ability.

Algorithmic programming

Recursion, object-oriented design, scalability, and testing code are some of the basics of algorithmic programming, which is an essential skill for every java developer.

Key Takeaway

Since Java is the most popular programming language used in almost all types of application development, in the backend, every aspiring developer needs to know the basics and advanced elements of the language. Following the steps above, you can become a full-time Java developer within six months. This also includes practicing coding regularly to land your dream job.

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