How to Best Organize Your Online Content

How to Best Organize Your Online Content
How to Best Organize Your Online Content

Content creation involves much work behind the scenes, including research, collaboration, and planning to bring forth the most effective designs, writing, and more, which can be an arduous process to streamline, especially the more people you have on your team. However, the following processes and tools can help make it easier:

Use a Collaboration App

A collaboration app, such as Asana, makes it easier to both store your ideas, as well as share them with your content team for easy collaboration.

You simply create individual profiles for each member so that it’s easier for them to add their input and update everyone as needed, and there is also a calendar feature that enables you to view how your ideas will unfold over a specific timespan for more tactical planning.

You can also use different folders to separate your blog pitches from your ready to be edited or written content for easy organization of your team’s ideas.

Use Customer Personas to Narrow Your Ideas

Brainstorming typically means lots of team input, which can leave everyone overwhelmed with which ideas to choose.

Therefore, simply create a blogging board for each of your ideal customers, which can be done using a program, such as Trello. Then, at your next weekly meeting, you can have your team add their ideas under the customer persona that it fits. However, if an idea fails to match any of the personas, then you ditch it. This way, you are left with only the suggestions that matter.

To get the ball rolling, explore social media to learn the topics most people are interested in, and you can also read plenty of articles to help get the ideas flowing.

Use Google Analytics to Draw Out Content Ideas

Once you are clear on your content team’s prime objectives, you can use the statistics from Google Analytics to start planning, organizing, and drawing out your ideas.

Or, if there is another platform where you want your content to gain customers or encourage sales, you can also map your media against that to help optimize your campaign.

Make a Model for Your Content

After you have your final content, a content model can be used to help break it down into common structural elements, such as posts, pages, and images, etc., which will enable you to visualize the purpose of each piece of content.

This way, your team understands what chunks of information must be present in what entry. In fact, as explained by Contentful, “a solid content model is the foundation of every great digital project for properly structuring your content.”

And depending on the web app, the model can be made to fit your content, as opposed to just simply fitting your content into the model, for a completely unique model.

Implementing an effective plan to organize your online content helps your content creators, developers, designers, and other team members do a better, more efficient job. There are also many apps available to help make it easier, so start exploring them today.

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