How to Buy the Right Safety Switch for your Business

Buying the Right Safety Switch for your Business
Buying the Right Safety Switch for your Business

Obtaining the right safety switch is vital. It ensures a business has peace of mind. That certainty that there is a safety mechanism in place to protect its staff and customers, and the premises as a whole. But the reality is there’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding safety switches – and this can be dangerous. That’s why it’s critical for any business looking to buy safety switches to ensure they select the right ones. Visit RS Components for a full range of safety switches.

Circuit Breakers are Not Safety Switches

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding safety switches is they are the same as circuit breakers – but they are not. Though there is some overlap in the safety coverage they provide, safety switches perform a separate task from circuit breakers. That’s why even if a business has recently brought a circuit breaker, they should not misunderstand that as being the same thing as purchasing a safety switch for their premises.

What Key Factors Are Involved in Selecting the Right Switch?

Selecting the right safety switch for premises will depend on a number of variables. A common challenge surrounds if the property is older. In such cases, some extra investigation will need to occur to assess to what extent the switchboard is up to date. In turn, how much rewiring (if any) has gone on. This is because if a switchboard or a premises’ wiring is outdated more substantial upgrades will be necessary before a safety switch can be installed.

This is the case as in absence of a modern switchboard and wiring, a safety switch will almost certainly detect a safety hazard instantly due to older systems not being as safe in their operation.

Is it Mandatory to Have a Safety Switch?

For businesses, it might not be mandatory to have a safety switch installed, but it’s certainly wise to have. This is because in the event a person on a businesses’ premises encounters harm that a safety switch could have prevented, it could be seen as a breach of a businesses’ duty of care.

When it comes to residences – potentially including premises where businesses operate out of former residences converted into business premises – Australian law requires safety switches are installed in certain circumstances. Although there can be some slight differences across the nation, generally speaking, all new homes require safety switches. Furthermore, it’s common for the law to require safety switches are installed in any older home that is sold or renovated.

Making the Switch

It may not be mandatory for a business to have a safety switch, but it’s certainly prudent. A safety switch will help protect businesses’ personnel and its premises. It’s necessary to be mindful one safety switch may not be sufficient – as one is required for each circuit. But once safety switches are installed, they provide ongoing and long-lasting protection for a business.
That’s why buying the right safety switch for your business is always worth taking the time to get right.

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