How to charge Nintendo switch controllers


How to charge Nintendo switch controllers

Are you curious about how to charge the controllers for your Nintendo Switch? You may have noticed that it is not immediately evident how to charge the Joy-Cons, but if that is the case, you have come to the correct place because we have the answers you want right here!

It is quite impossible to have a successful gaming session if your Nintendo Switch controller suddenly stops receiving power.

There is nothing worse than seeing the flashing indication on the screen, telling you that your battery is low and your ability to play your favorite Switch games is about to come to a screeching halt.

Seeing that indicator is the equivalent of watching paint dry. Players will be happy to learn that Nintendo has made it simple for them to keep their Joy-Cons charged and ready for action at all times.

In addition to a number of methods that may be used immediately after purchase, there are also specific Switch accessories that can be utilized in order to power up your controller.

In addition to this, if you are using the Switch Pro Controller, you will have even more options available to you with regard to maintaining a full charge on the battery.

This article will walk you through all of the many methods for charging your Joy-Cons or Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch, including the best Nintendo Switch chargers money can buy.

The primary gaming console for the Nintendo Switch is distinct from other major platforms in a variety of respects.

To begin, it can be used as a handheld gaming device that can be taken on the move – giving us GameBoy vibes from our past – or you can connect your Switch to a TV just like any other console.

This gives us GameBoy vibes from our youth. It is a choice that gamers are given, and it is an one that is very much appreciated.

Because the Joy-Con controllers can be detached from your console and used either as two smaller controllers or as one large controller, they are a different animal than what you might be used to using.

This is especially true given that they can serve as either one large controller or two smaller controllers. Once more, this places the decision-making power in the hands of the player.

However, these controllers will still need to be charged, and if you were curious about the variety of charging choices available to you, the following information should answer all of your questions.

How to charge the Joy-Con controllers

If you use the Joy-Con Grip as your primary controller for the Nintendo Switch, then the battery life will run out much more quickly than you might expect.

It can be charged in a few different ways, which is a fortunate development.

The Joy-Con controllers can be charged in the quickest and most convenient manner by using a method that does not require any additional connections, accessories, or storage space.

1. First, make sure the Switch is turned on, then attach each Joy-Con controller to the appropriate side of the console until you hear a click.

There ought to be a notification indicating that they are connected coming up on the screen for you.

2. Check to see that the dock for the Switch or the AC adapter is hooked into a power outlet. Either insert the Switch into the dock or connect the adapter’s plug to the USB-C port that is located on the underside of the Switch.

3. Place your Nintendo Switch in sleep mode by pressing the power button, which is situated on the top of the console.

In a situation that the Switch is entirely turned off, the Joy-Con controllers will not charge.

4: Wait! It is anticipated that the Joy-Con controllers would require approximately three hours and thirty minutes to charge to their full capacity, according to Nintendo.

Simply hitting the Joy-Con icon on the Switch main menu will show you their current charge level, which you can use to determine how much juice they have left in their batteries.

How to charge Nintendo switch controllers Using a charging dock

If you would rather utilize a charging dock, the process is straightforward, and you will not be required to have your Switch powered on during the process.

1. The first thing you need to do is connect the cable that came with the Joy-Con charging dock to the USB port on the Switch dock.

2. Insert up to four Joy-Con controllers into the dock, and check to see that the lights on the top of the dock are red.

When they have changed from red to green, the controllers have reached their maximum charge.

How to charge Joy-Cons while playing

Do you wish to continue playing on your Nintendo Switch while the Joy-Con controllers are charging?

There are a couple other approaches to take with that as well.How to get white dye in Minecraft

1: Obtain an AC adapter for the Nintendo Switch and plug it into a power outlet at a distance that allows the cord to reach the area in which you plan to play.

Next, insert the USB-C end of the adapter into the port located on the underside of the console.

2: Attach the Joy-Con controllers to the Nintendo Switch, and start playing games! The Joy-Con controllers will continue to charge as long as the Switch continues to do so.

How to charge Nintendo switch controllers using the Charging Grip

charge Nintendo switch controllers using the Charging Grip

You will require the Joy-Con Charging Grip in order to play games on the television while the Joy-Con controllers are being charged in order to do so.

It has the same size and form as the conventional Joy-Con Grip, but it has the ability to connect to the Switch dock so that it can keep the controllers charged even while they are being used.

1: connect the Charging Grip to the Switch dock with the cable that is provided in the package. Next, pull back the small slider on the top of the Charging Grip and place your Joy-Con controllers inside before pulling the slider back into place.

2. Play! While you continue to use your Switch, the batteries in your controllers will now be charged.

How to charge Nintendo switch controllers using a charging case

The S-Charge is a charging case for the Nintendo Switch that comes with its own backup battery, comparable to the batteries used in portable USB chargers.

This case may be used to charge the Switch, as well as any Joy-Con controllers that are attached to it.

1: Once the S-Charge has been charged (it can plug into the Switch dock similarly to how a Pro Controller can), hit the power button that is situated on the left side of the device.

2: Open the top flap by lifting it up, then attach the Nintendo Switch together with the Joy-Con controllers before closing the top flap.

3: At this point, your game consoles should be charging! Tap the Joy-Con icon on the home screen of the Switch to go to the controller page.

If it is properly connected to a power source, it will display that information on the page.

4: Because the S-Charge includes a battery that has more than double the capacity of the Switch itself, you may continue charging your Joy-Con controllers in this manner for a considerable amount of time without having to worry about the case’s battery running out.

5: Make sure that the S-Charge is turned off whenever it is not being used by depressing and holding down the power button for a few seconds.

If you don’t do this, it might not work the next time you need it, and that would be a shame.

How to charge a Pro Controller

If you play your Nintendo Switch docked and utilizing the television, you will want to invest in a Pro Controller because the battery life is fantastic, but you will still need to charge it after roughly 40 hours of play because it does not have a built-in wireless charging system.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller may be charged by utilizing the cord that comes with it and connecting it to the USB connection that is located on the front of the Switch dock.

1: An orange light will illuminate on the top of the Pro Controller once it has been connected to a power source.

It should be fully charged after roughly six hours of charging time. The light will turn off after the battery is completely charged.

2: Although you can continue to use the controller while it is charging, in some configurations this will not be possible due to the length of the charging cord.

3: The Nintendo Switch does not need to be docked for the Pro Controller to charge; it can charge when the Switch is in any position.

While you are waiting for the controller to recharge, you have the option to take it off your hands and play the game in handheld mode.

How to charge Nintendo Switch controllers

Docking the controllers to the edges of the Nintendo Switch console will automatically charge them, making it one of the most convenient methods available for charging them.

Assuming that the main tablet-like component of the console has power, the moment you attach the controllers to the console, it will begin charging them, and the process does not take too much time.

In the event that both the controllers and the console need to be charged, you will have to connect the entire setup to the power supply.

You will have received a charger along with your console. You have the option of storing this charger in your dock or just employing it in the same manner as a standard phone charging wire.

But how long does it take for the controllers for the Nintendo Switch to charge completely? It will take about three hours to reach full charge, so you’ll want to schedule your gaming sessions so that they don’t conflict with that time frame.

How exactly can I check to see if the controllers for my Nintendo Switch are charging?

You may check to see if the controllers are charging by going to the main home screen of the console and clicking on the icon that says “Controllers.” If they aren’t already connected, you can try to reconnect them, and that ought to do the trick.

Another topic that is frequently asked is the following: “Without a Switch, how do you charge a Switch controller?” The solution is to purchase a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip.

You will be able to continue playing with this one-of-a-kind controller grip instead of switching to handheld mode so that you can use the device.

Additionally, it provides an answer to the topic of how one can charge their Joy-Con controllers without a dock.

How to charge Nintendo Switch controllers using a charging dock

You may also use the Nyko Charge Block Pro for Nintendo Switch to charge the Pro Controller if you don’t want to utilize the Switch dock.

It has a low-profile design that allows it to fit anywhere and employs an unique dongle mechanism that is coupled to a USB Type-C port on your controller.

1: take the charging dongle that came with the Pro Controller and insert it into the port located on the top of the controller.

2: After that, take the supplied USB cable and connect it to the accompanying AC adapter, and then plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet. The USB cable is also included in this step.

3: The next step is to position your controller above the Charge Block Pro at this point. It is important to note that when the charger is properly functioning, the light that is located on the front of the dongle should change color to orange.

The indicator light will go off as soon as your controller is ready to use and has finished charging.

The way in which a player can recharge a Nintendo Switch controller is primarily determined by the brand and version of the device that they are using.

For example, the Joy-Con controller, which is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, uses a different charging method than other devices.

There are a few different charging speeds for switch controllers. The amount of time it takes to refuel is determined on the apparatus that you use; certain items just charge more quickly than others.

The rate at which your controller will recharge is also affected by a variety of other factors.

Because of this, the best way to determine which configuration is suitable for your needs and tastes is to experiment with a variety of cables, Switch modes, and other aspects of the system.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to track down accessories for the Switch. If you want to get back to playing your game as soon as possible, you might want to think about purchasing a second controller that you can use while the first one is being charged.

FAQs on How to charge Nintendo switch controllers

Below are some frequently asked questions on How to charge Nintendo switch controllers and their various solutions?

How do I know if my switch controllers are charging?

Check to see if the Joy-Con controllers are charging while the Charging Grip is still connected to the AC adapter. To access the Controllers menu, navigate to the HOME menu. There will be a notification on the screen letting you know that the Joy-Con are charging.

How do you charge Nintendo Switch joy cons?

Connect the Joy-Con to the Joy-Con charging grip using the included screws. Connect the Joy-Con charging grip to the Nintendo Switch dock using the USB cable that was provided in the packaging, or connect it straight to the Nintendo Switch AC adapter if you want (HAC-002).

How do you charge Nintendo Switch controllers without a dock?

You do not need the dock to charge the system or the Joy-Con controllers if you are utilizing the portable mode. Plug the USB cable that comes with the power adapter into the Switch’s USB port, which is located on the device’s underside. After that, you should plug the converter into a power outlet.

How long does it take to charge Nintendo Switch controllers?

It takes about three and a half hours for the Joy-Con controllers to reach their full charge. The Joy-Con Charging Grip (model number HAC-012) is not included in any of the Nintendo Switch bundles that are currently available. This product is available for purchase on its own.

Will Switch controllers charge in dock?

If you purchased a Switch Pro Controller, you will be able to charge it at any time by connecting the accompanying USB-C cable to your Switch dock and powering on the Switch. While you are still using the dock, the front two USB ports are the ones that are simplest to access.

How long does Switch controller battery last?

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers require a full charge for around three and a half hours. The Joy-Con controllers have a battery that, once completely charged, has the potential to last for around 20 hours.

How do you tell if Joycons are fully charged?

1: The first thing you need to do is connect the cable that came with the Joy-Con charging dock to the USB port on the Switch dock.

2: Insert up to four Joy-Con controllers into the dock, and check to see that the lights on the top of the dock are red. When they have changed from red to green, this indicates that the controllers are fully charged.

Can I use my phone charger for Nintendo Switch?

As long as you have a USB-C cable, you’ll be able to charge your Nintendo Switch using the charger that came with your phone. The catch is that while this will charge your battery, the official Switch charger is significantly more powerful and should be used instead. When you play games, you could find that your battery runs out of juice more quickly than usual.

Do Joycons charge while undocked?

When removed from their docks and not plugged in, Joy-cons does not charge.

While I first started using my Switch, I was able to charge both of my Joy-cons at the same time, even when they were undocked and not plugged in.

I was going to stop playing, but I realized that one pair of my cons was running low. Since I didn’t want to stop playing, I undocked and reattached the cons. When I viewed the screen of the controller, the charging bolt appeared for almost five seconds before disappearing without receiving a charge.

The indicator on the switch itself read 100%. I detach and reattach each con after pressing the reset button that is located on the side of each con. Turning the console on and off is required. Also tried de-syncing and re-syncing, but the issue persisted.

That is when I knew that Joycons charge while undocked does not charge.

How fast do Joycons charge?

It takes about three and a half hours for the Joy-Con controllers to reach their full charge.

This is how far we can go on how to charge Nintendo switch controllers. I hope you enjoy reading this article.

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