How To Check Your System BIOS Version In Windows 10


If you are looking for your System BIOS version you probably want to to upgrade your BIOS to the latest version. Though some Utilities are available where you simply select whatever BIOS version you have downloaded from the Manufacturers support website & it shows a pop up with the Current BIOS version you’re using & if the Downloaded BIOS version is a newer one.

But, in many cases manufacturers don’t release a BIOS Flash tool at all so, you need to Flash the BIOS Manually & for that, knowing your current BIOS version is extremely important.

In Windows 10 it’s not a huge deal at all. There are two simple methods for How To Check BIOS Version In Windows 10.

Laptop Used: ROG G501VW

The Methods: 

Method 1: Check BIOS Through System Information

  • Go to Cortana Search Window
  • Type “System Information” & click on it.
  • Check “BIOS Version/Date” inside System Information

I know you guys are aware of Cortana Search Window but if you don’t know somehow, that Circle after the Windows Logo (Home) is the Cortana Window where you need to search “System Information“.

After you’ve opened the System Information window, you can find your BIOS Information there.

On this PC the current BIOS version is 305. The PC we have used here is an ASUS ROG G501VW.

Method 2: Check BIOS Through WinFlash

  • Go to Cortana Search Window & “Type WinFlash” (You need to download & install WinFlash first if you already don’t have it installed)
  • A Pop-up window will appear- Click “Yes
  • In The WinFlash Window Click Next
  • Now Click Get BIOS from the Web or click on Get BIOS from Device to Select your Downloaded BIOS file.
  • Now you can check your BIOS Version & even update it if your BIOS is older.

[ Note: This method might not work in All PCs. We were using the ASUS ROG G501VW & ASUS has tuned WinFlash for this PC & we have downloaded WinFlash from the Support Website. So, be sure to check the compatibility of your PC first ]


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