How to Choose A VPN for PC?


The term “VPN” refers to a virtual private network. In simple terms, a VPN protects you from corporations, government agencies, and hackers by providing an encrypted server and replacing your original IP address with a false one while you’re online. They have the ability to bypass location restrictions on websites and streaming services, block unnecessary ads, boost speed, and preserve your online privacy.

How To Choose A VPN for PC?

Consider your requirements while selecting a Windows VPN. You may simply want to browse the internet without restrictions or require additional services like unrestricted streaming, enhanced speed, and top-notch security.

The second consideration is your budget. Because a Windows VPN can be costly, make sure you choose one with the required capabilities.

Some of the main highlights of a VPN are:

  • Military-grade encryption
  • A kill switch
  • No-logs policy
  • A VPN to unblock content
  • Great privacy
  • High speed
  • Split tunneling
  • Access to streaming services
  • Simple and easy to use

You’ll want to set it and forget it, so being able to open the app quickly and get protected is critical.

iTop VPN – Best VPN for PC in 2022

iTop VPN is a complete VPN for PC that checks all the criteria. It provides users with high-grade encryption techniques, lightning-fast data transfer speeds, and website access. By tying all of the lines together, it has established itself as a reliable competitor.

Access to Your Favorite Content

A VPN for PCiTop VPN for Windows is a global network of fast and reliable servers. It allows you to effortlessly access services that are unavailable in your country. What’s more, you can connect to many platforms directly from within this software, including streaming video vendors (Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer), well-known gaming brands (PUBG, Roblox), chat tools (WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype), and social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). You may get to any place you want to go with a single click.

Best-in-Class Encryption

When you browse the internet, iTop VPN protects your data. The encryption tunnel we developed for you uses the same techniques as the top VPNs, making it safer than ever to use public WiFi or conduct online banking. 

Blazing-Fast Speed

Without slowing down your internet connection, iTop VPN creates a secure tunnel for your usage. Your network speed will not be limited when you connect to iTop VPN, and in many cases your PC speed will be increased to beyond the original speed.

Server Protocols

iTop VPN provides three protocols:

  • TCP provides high-level privacy protection for most users;
  • UDP delivers faster speed but consumes more data;
  • HTTPS unblocks more restrictions, including school networks.

iTop VPN connects to the fastest network protocol by default. The iTop Server Protocol options allow you to select the protocol that best suits your needs.

Global Connection

iTop VPN has over 1800 dependable servers located all over the world. In the free version, there are 16 servers. If you’re having trouble finding the best server, iTop VPN can assist you by automatically selecting the highest-quality server.

Security Reinforce

A VPN for PCThis function is only available to iTop VPN members. Your PC will be less likely to suffer from data leakage if this feature is enabled. In addition, any devious or harmful defects will be instantly recognized and repaired.

Ads Blocking

This function aids in the blocking of harmful advertisements, mainly when using browsers to access web pages. No pop-ups are allowed, and marketers are not left with any traces.

Browser Privacy

A VPN for PCiTop VPN to clear up the user’s browser traces in no time. So far, this functionality has been supported by all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Edge, and Waterfox.

Kill Switch

The Kill Switch feature protects against the abrupt termination of a VPN connection. In this situation, iTop VPN will immediately close the network, ensuring that your data is still protected by encryption until the connection is restored.

Split Tunneling

While utilizing other apps with local internet connections, VPN split tunneling routes some of your app traffic through an encrypted VPN connection. You may safely broadcast, share, and download without interrupting your other activities.

Free Version

On Windows, iTop VPN offers lifelong free servers in the United States, France, Germany, Australia, and Japan, as well as 700MB of daily data.

Some other features of iTop VPN for PC

  • Network solutions
  • 24/7 Tech support
  • IPv6 Servers
  • No log policy
  • DNS protection
  • Launch on startup
  • IP configuration

With just one click, iTop VPN for Windows connects you to the purest Internet environment. From now on, rely on iTop VPN’s strong encryption to provide you with ultra-secure protection.

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