How To Choose The Best Smartphone For Gaming


The Best Smartphone For Gaming

Mobile gaming has quickly become the most popular platform for gaming as a whole, as it has now been suggested that over 50% of all gaming done is on our smartphones. There’s a good reason for this, largely in that it removes the barrier to entry for gaming as newer users don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a new console and games, but can just tap open an app on their phone and get to playing. But if you’re looking to get a device aimed mostly for gaming with other features of your smartphone coming second, what’s best to look out for?

Display Refresh Rate

It had been something primarily found on enthusiast devices but is slowly making its way into the more expensive consumer market, and you’re going to pay a little more for this feature if you aim to go for it. This feature is how fast the display updates per second, more devices come at a 59 or 60hz baseline with some offering a little higher, but there are many devices now that offer double at 120hz and make a stark difference not just in gaming but everyday use as the faster refresh rate makes everything on screen much smoother.

There are still some restrictions for games namely that not all devices can run them at the performance required to make the most of the 120Hz display, but as tech moves along so will the ability to increase performance here.

How To Choose The Best Smartphone For Gaming

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Battery and network capacity

Of course if you’re going to be doing long hours it will be worth it to invest in a device with higher battery capacity unless you’re planning to always be plugged in. Modern devices typically being unibody in design make it very difficult to change out the battery included to something different, and the cases with a bigger battery are a little chunky, so double check battery capacity and see if it may fit your need for longer gaming hours.

Similarly in network capacity, we’re approaching the roll out of 5G but many devices may have different capacity capabilities for the maximum speeds that are available for example, it’s a little tougher to discover whether or not the networking capacity is higher but reading some reviews should point you in the right direction.

Before picking up your new gaming smartphone it may be important to realise which genre of games you’ll be playing as the requirements for some may be much less than others, despite recent changes in initiatives such as Gamstop aimed at reducing player participation and other restrictions found in the recent credit card ban for online gambling, mobile casinos are among the most popular genre right now as players find more accessible sites with many here – if this example is similar to your playing style, you may need something a lot less powerful to get the best gaming experience compared to a player aimed at battle royal games, for example, so be sure your needs match the device you intend on using!

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