How to Choose the Best Surveillance System for Your Business

Select Best CCTV Camera
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Before getting the right business or home security systems, you should understand the requirements of your property and the equipment you need. Every business is different in its operations, population, and size. Your preferred surveillance system should be able to secure your commercial property and prevent it from internal and external crimes. Now, let’s find How to Choose the Best Surveillance System.

Most businesses tend to ignore their security needs until after a crime has taken place. Taking proactive measures to secure your business helps you create and maintain high-security standards that will ensure quality outcomes.

Here are ways to ensure you have the best surveillance system for your business:

Assess Your Surveillance Needs

Your choice of surveillance system will depend on your security surveillance needs. Your decision will be based on answering a few vital questions. Does your business occupy multiple buildings? If that is the case, your best option would be to choose a network video recorder to serve all your premises. Ensuring a professional security camera installation is also paramount to optimizing your system’s efficiency.

Digital video recorders can meet all your needs, including theft deterrents, basic surveillance, and security enhancements. They will offer extensive remote access to allow you to monitor events from any location.

The Motion Detection Analytics

Your surveillance system should detect motion around your business and alert you of any suspicious activity. There are systems which also provide analytics about your business to help you enhance its performance. This is done when the motion detectors identify peak activity times and days. With this information, you can assess your staffing, sales and promotions, and business layout.

Such information can you help run your business efficiently as you rely on your video surveillance for insights.IP functionality

Modern video surveillance systems provide plenty of functionalities that can push your business to greater heights. Some of these functionalities include:

Cloud Storage

Video footage and other recordings can be stored and retrieved in the cloud. The video surveillance cloud storage will allow you to recover the footage even when the equipment is damaged.

Remote Access

The surveillance system will allow you remote video monitoring access where you can see live footage from mobile devices such as tablets, phones, or laptops. You can keep an eye on business operations even when you are away.

Mobile Notifications

Your system will also provide you with notifications regarding certain activities on the business premises including alerts on intrusive motion detection after hours.

Quality of Image

The quality of the image captured by your surveillance system is very crucial. High-quality images help to identify objects and other figures clearly. A good surveillance camera will have the following features:

Night Vision

As a business, you want a surveillance system that will keep watch all night and alert you of any suspicious activities at night. For quality night images, infrared camera technology is ideal.

Camera Resolution

High-resolution images will allow you to zoom in and still get clear pictures. Clear facial recognition and identification of other information in detail such as license plates will require high definition cameras will be the best option.

Field of view

Cameras with wide dynamic range can help you view your business entrances because they can handle the changes in the light when you open or close the door.

For clear coverage in dimly lit locations, you should purchase infrared-enhanced cameras.

Indoor and Outdoor Coverage

Your property will need both interior and exterior protection. Look for surveillance systems that can withstand the elements of weather when placed outside.

Camera Placement

Where do you need your surveillance system? Are they covering all the entrances or checkout lines? Do you want the whole building to be covered? What about the parking areas? The answers you give will tell you the type of surveillance system your business needs. Check your budget and ensure it aligns with the number of cameras you need. High visibility cameras will help to deter criminals.


Choosing a surveillance system that will work best for your business is not simple. Since you get what you pay for, you have to ensure that you are buying the best. High-end systems come with innovative features to help you monitor and act on the feedback provided. It is up to you to decide how much risk your company is exposed to and what measures you want to put in place to reduce the risk.

Before deciding the best commercial system for you, ensure that your business is well insured. This will protect your property and employees against burglary, damage, or injury.

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