How to Determine What Your Collectible Toys are Worth

How to Determine What Your Collectible Toys are Worth
How to Determine What Your Collectible Toys are Worth

There are toys that you can play with and then there are collectible items that you keep for a lifetime, perhaps for their sentimental or monetary value. When it comes time to either clear out some of your products or if you are someone who sells these items to earn a little extra money, it is important to know how much you can fetch for them on the market. If you have collectible figurines lying around that you need to get rid of, here is a brief guide that will help you to determine what your collectible toys are worth!

Assess the overall condition of your products

Regardless of what your collectible toy or figurine is, products that have been well-maintained through the years are going to command a much higher price than products that have been visibly worn down. For example, if your product is in mint condition and hasn’t been taken out of the packaging (which is also in excellent condition), you are most likely going to be able to sell your product at the highest price. If you have an item that has been out of the box and hasn’t been well-maintained, however, you may not be able to expect much money for your collectible. You may even find that when you attempt to sell the product, the condition is so poor relative to similar items that you are unable to sell it at all. 

Determine the popularity behind the product

Collectible toys are worth only what people are willing to pay for them. In some cases, this means that someone will overpay in order to get their hands on something. Alternatively, you may not get much of a profit off of your merchandise. For example, a figurine with no brand ties is a product that no one is going to pay for unless they feel truly feel drawn to. While if you have a packaged Star Wars figurine that is a well-known character, that is still in the box in mint condition, you are going to be able to sell it much easier as there is a large market for Star Wars toys and there are plenty of people wanting to get their hands on these products. Popular and well-kept toys will have a much easier time selling that obscure items with less of a following. 

Take a look at similar collectibles on the market

One great way to get a better idea of what your figurine is worth is to take a look at the selling price of similar products. The prices of products will vary depending on quality, popularity, rarity, and other factors that make the figurine more desirable to certain buyers. Therefore, it can be an effective method to see where other people are pricing their products so you can establish a baseline of your own based on the factors going into similar figurines. Keep in mind that some people may overprice or not know how to price their items properly.  

As such, you should visit a reputable dealer such as Toy Titanz to get a true idea of where to price your product. (If you plan on reselling or collecting, you should also make sure to purchase your figurines from reputable sellers.)

Because collectible figurines do not have a set value, it gives them the potential to increase in price over time but also makes it harder for owners to properly gauge this value. If you have collectible figurines you are looking to sell or simply price, the guide above will help you learn more about how to get a proper idea of what your figurines are worth and what you may be able to ask for if you do start to look into selling.