How to Drop Multiple Pins on Google Maps


Dropping multiple pins on a virtual map can be beneficial for many reasons. For businesses, it can be useful for identifying multiple locations, such as store locations or customer addresses. For individuals, it can help plan a trip with multiple stops or marking points of interest on a map. The benefit? In contrast to a list or a spreadsheet, dropping multiple pins allows users to visualize distances between locations, which can be particularly useful depending on the circumstances.

Although several route planning tools exist, many users agree that Google Maps is one of the better options, with its easy-to-use interface and high popularity. If this is your first time dropping multiple pins, this step-by-step guide will be your ticket to creating your first map.

Create a Custom Layer

Google Maps displays two pins when you enter a location and choose Directions. The first marks your starting location, and the second denotes your destination. If you want to drop multiple pins on Google Maps, you must start by creating a custom map by selecting the Create Map option. Choosing the custom map option will open a new map where you can map multiple locations in a single view.

Log Into Your Account

Next, you’ll need to log into your Google account on Google Maps. After logging in, you can drop pins and create your custom map.

Navigate to Your Places

To create a custom map that lets you drop multiple pins on Google Maps, first, navigate to the left-hand navigation menu and click “Your places.” This action will open the “Your Places” window. Next, click the “Maps” link at the top of the window to switch to your custom map list. Then, navigate to the bottom of the list and click “Create Map” to create your new custom map.

When creating your custom map, you can specify the name and description of the map, choose a color scheme and add layers. Once you have customized your map settings, you can drop pins by clicking on the “Add marker” icon in the top-left corner of the map. This action will enable you to drop a pin at the location of your choice.

Adding Additional Pins

To add additional pins, click the “Add marker” icon again and drop a new pin. You can move the pins to your desired location by clicking and dragging the pin icon to the correct spot on the map. Furthermore, you can customize each pin by adding a title, description, and image to provide more context.

In addition to dropping pins, you can draw lines and shapes on your custom map to highlight specific areas or routes. For instance, you can draw a line along a hiking trail to show the route you plan to take or draw a shape around a neighborhood to highlight the area you are interested in.

Reviewing Driving Route

While navigating to individual locations you’ve pinned can be helpful, there may be instances where you want to plan a driving route that incorporates multiple destinations. Luckily, you can accomplish this within your custom Google Map.

Begin by selecting the first destination you wish to visit on your route. Once you’ve selected it, click the directions icon beneath the search field.


Google Maps is a powerful tool for dropping multiple pins and marking multiple locations on a map. Following the simple steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily visualize more than one location and add labels to identify each one. With the ability to save and share the map, many users also enjoy the collaboration features which allow them to work in real-time with others on the same project. Whether planning a trip or managing a business, Google Maps is a valuable resource to help you navigate and visualize the world around you.

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