How to earn gold in online games using Old School RuneScape as an example


The economic component is one of the most important aspects of any online game, and the ability to farm gold with high quality can not only make the game more enjoyable but also provide an opportunity to increase your status on the server. If you don’t know how to farm, you can always buy osrs gold.

Basic principles of gold mining:

  • Quest system
  • Activities
  • Bosses

online games using Old School RuneScape

Quest system

The basics of MMOs assume that the player from the very first minutes of the game will be guided by a quest system. She will tell the basic plot of the game, help you get comfortable with the mechanics, and show you how to mine gold.

Of course, quests are not the only way to get gold, but the developers develop their project so that you will never fall behind others if you blindly follow the path that the game offers.

Quests will introduce you to the system of activities that are designed to get gold and take a break from the main storyline, and at the same time bring the player weapons and equipment that will be regularly updated to make it comfortable for the player to develop on the project. Gradually, there will be fewer such gifts, and game gold or pumped skills will come in handy in order to improve the equipment of your character and buy good weapons.Quest system


Activities in the game are associated with various interesting skills that the character can master in parallel with the main storyline, or along with it.

Main activities:

  • wood harvesting
  • Kindling fires
  • fishing
  • cooking
  • Mining
  • Collection of herbs
  • Alchemy
  • craft

Wood harvesting

Use an ax to chop wood, which you will sell or used to start fires.

Depending on the leveling of the skill, the amount of wood and its quality will increase.

Kindling fires

Use harvested wood to start a fire and set up a camp that will have increased regeneration of game parameters and health.


An outlet for many players. Go fishing and get away from everything – quests, monsters, gold. Just fish for fun and pump the skill. By the way, the higher the skill of the angler, the larger and more valuable fish will come across. Useful in cooking, or go for sale.


An interesting activity is related to cooking, it pumps not only a skill but also allows the character to create dishes that will increase the characteristics of the character who eats it. You can sell, but the product has time to deteriorate, so you have to hurry. The higher the cooking skill, the greater the start and the longer the buff lasts.


A good skill for travelers in mountainous areas. Always pay attention to ore deposits, even if you do not craft in the future – ore always has value among players and you can make good money by selling it. Upgrade your mining skill and there will be more ore, and the chance to find something more valuable when mining will also increase.

Collection of herbs

Herbs are always easy to collect while leveling, often quest locations are densely vegetated, and finding herbs and flowers to collect is not difficult. The resource is used in alchemy, for the preparation of valuable potions. It is recommended to master both skills – the character should always have potions and potions that can save him from a difficult situation. Whether it’s attack or defense.


Create potions from the collected herbs for yourself, or to sell to other players. The game world is designed in such a way that any player should always have potions with them that will save them from death, especially when it comes to difficult bosses, where one simply cannot survive without potions.


Create armor and weapons for yourself and other players. Crafting is nice because you don’t have to depend on the quest system to get good weapons. Having accumulated enough ore, you can always create it yourself. Many players do not want to spend their time crafting and want PVP and boss fights – such players will gladly pay for good equipment, and a pumped blacksmith will never be left without gold.


Having gathered a good group, start your hunt for local bosses. The game system is always designed to reward players for working together and defeating a really difficult enemy. Bosses always bring a lot of gold and have good equipment with them, which they will gladly share if you defeat them.

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