How to Enhance Internet Speed for a Lag-Free Gaming Experience

How to Enhance Internet Speed
How to Enhance Internet Speed

Nobody wants to experience lagging internet when the game gets intense. Regardless of how many fluency issues you’ve experienced, it is time to address them once and for all. If you have talked to your internet service provider then wait as they try to figure out a solution. However, if you have not and you’re looking for some quick but successful solutions, you’re at the right place.

 Check If Your Bandwidth is Good Enough

It’s important to monitor the speed of your internet when you’re playing a game. Does it only lag when you play your favorite game? Or are you facing streaming issues as well? If it’s just happening while you play a game, you may need a better bandwidth. I faced the same issue with my Spectrum internet once. It turned out that I needed better bandwidth to support the heavy game graphics!

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you need insane speeds to play your favorite game. 15 Mbps – 20 Mbps is quite fast a speed to play without lag. However, do perform a quick speed test to see what’s going on. Additionally, make sure you close any unnecessary apps for a smoother gaming experience.

 Use an Ethernet Cable

It’s a universal truth that internet speeds are less on wireless services. This is due to frequent data losses. Ethernet cables, on the other hand, offer better speeds due to negligible data losses. If you have a device that comes with support for a cable, make sure to plug the ethernet cable into your device. The result will be fast, lag-free gaming!

 Check Your Server

Make sure to check if you are playing on your local server or not. Playing on a server that belongs to another region can affect your internet speeds. Configure your game server settings properly. Most games come with an option to change them.

In some instances, it may be that the game company does not have good servers in your region. One way to get good pings and stable internet in such a situation is by using VPNs. Connect to a nearby region that has dedicated servers. Your red ping will turn green allowing you to take a sigh of relief.

 Buy a Gaming Router

Did you know that there are actual gaming routers out there? If you didn’t, then today’s your lucky day! These routers come with additional features to improve your internet speed, pings, and latencies.

The best feature, undoubtedly, is QoS. QoS stands for Quality of Service and prioritizes internet speeds on your gaming console. The router, basically, routes more internet towards your gaming device to provide a smooth, fluent, and lag-free gaming experience.

People can find numerous options online to consider and shop at, using online coupon codes and discounts. These coupons allow people to make the right choices and save big every time.

Check Your Latency Speeds

Latency is the time required for internet data to reach from the source to the destination. This means that if your latency is low, you’re going to have better and faster internet speed that you can check at Consequently, you will play without lag. On the other hand, if the distance between the source and the destination is more, there is a huge probability that your gaming experience will suffer. 20ms and anything below is regarded as a very good latency speed. If it’s higher, make sure to phone your ISP.

Latency depends on more than just the distance. The network hardware, remote server location, and the router you’re using directly impact it. Make sure that there aren’t many signal interfering appliances near your router. For instance, if there’s an oven near your router, the data packets traveling from the router to your device may take more time. This is due to the interfering signals in the way.


Follow the tips above for a better internet gaming experience. You may want to upgrade your internet connection for better speeds. I had to but I opted for a more economical bundle plan and got Spectrum packages as well as internet and phone. If you’re an avid gamer and want to save money, a bundle offer may be your best bet.

In short, make sure to perform all the checks above to make an informed decision. Happy gaming!

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