How to get a virtual number for SMS verification?


Many apps, websites, and services on the internet require you to provide a phone number when registering for an account to verify your identity. This is generally a good way to prevent the creation of fake accounts. Some, however, do not want to give out their phone number, fearing that it will be on the marketing list, and you will receive, for example, SMS messages with predictions from fortunetellers. The solution is websites such as OnlineSim that provide sms free number for certain countries. You can provide such a number and then receive a confirmation code message via the website.

What are virtual phone numbers for?

In all countries of the world, the services of using a number virtual for receiving SMS are popular. The following are the main reasons for applying for online SMS receiving services.

  • If you don’t want to use your phone number to confirm registration, use free virtual number services. You can choose your favorite phone number online to receive SMS for free and without registration;
  • Access to dating sites, gaming, or other entertainment portals often requires confirmation of registration via SMS;
  • You can create multiple accounts using virtual phone numbers on one resource;
  • Having multiple phone numbers increases the likelihood of a successful registration;
  • Using free virtual phone numbers will protect you from the actions of intruders.

Receive SMS online with OnlineSim

Verification via SMS is mandatory for most social networks and online services in the modern world. A confirmation code is sent to the user upon registration. Thus, it authenticates the request to complete the registration. Using the main number is not always possible. A temporary phone number is a good alternative. OnlineSim works well and is aimed at all categories of users. We have the largest database of allocated numbers and the ability to cover most of all popular registration services.

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