How To Have Fun With THC-O Vape Pen?


The vaping culture is in gear, and people are eager to have their first experience. If you are already into vaping, it might be evident that you are looking for ways to make it fun. A THC-O vape pen is full of mysteries; experimenting with them can help you have the best experience.

With the increasing popularity of vapes, you might have come across these terms anywhere on the internet or shopping websites. Many vape pen users feel left out of fun and want to do something new. Are you one among those? Read the text to have a fun experience with a vape pen. 

Tips to have fun with a THC-O vape pen 

Here are some tricks that can let one get the most out of a vape pen:

Choosing an apt product:

You must choose the best device to make the most of your THC-O vaping experience. There are plenty of different types of e-cigarettes in the market. Hence it can be challenging to get the one that suits your needs. Make a list of what you want your experience to be, and then choose accordingly. If you want to use a vape pen for one time, go for disposable ones. And if you are looking to use it for the long term, go for rechargeable vape pens. One can also get advanced vaporizer pens filled with advanced features for a more enjoyable experience.

Make sure to choose the right e-liquid. 

E-liquids play a vital role in enhancing your experience of vaping. You can access plenty of flavors of e-liquid from the market. The one that loves a bit of sweet taste can choose accordingly, and if you do not like the sweet taste, you can try out getting something different. Also, you can experiment with different types of e-liquid for a fun experience. Check the content of e-liquid before you buy it. If you are allergic to some liquid content, don’t get it. It will ruin your experience, and you might not feel well.

Check nicotine strength 

The nicotine content is one of those aspects that you must check before buying an e-liquid. Some find high nicotine strength an attractive part of e-liquid and enjoy using it. At the same time, others find fun in vaping THC-O with low nicotine strength. One of the fondest parts of vaping is that it gives you greater control over your nicotine intake. Also, the vape pan you choose will decide how much nicotine will be taken. Keep in mind to choose nicotine strength with the presence of mind.

Trying different vaping methods. 

There are infinite ways to experiment with vaping for fun purposes. You can choose different vaping styles to seek the most out of your vaping experience. You can also try to improvise a throat hit which is the feeling of satisfaction you get when nicotine hits the back of your throat. Changing the way you vape can help you with the same. Take longer and slower drags and build it up for 5 seconds. If you want to go for a gentle experience, don’t inhale. They need to hold the vapor in their mouth before they exhale. A person who is not a smoker would love to have a peaceful experience. 

For a person who wants to have fun and, along with that, quit smoking, they must try stepping. In this process, one gradually decreases nicotine content to overcome smoking addiction. The levels of nicotine can depend on an individual. You can also try learning about sub-ohm atomizers. This type of atomizer lets a person have a sizable vaping cloud that seems to be fun.

What are some THC-O vaping tricks for fun?

Here are some tricks that can help you have fun with a THC-O vape pen:

Ghost Inhale 

One of the easiest and funniest ways to vape is ghost inhale. It is a beginner-level technique that can be used by a newcomer too. It is often described as the perfect point for beginners to start their vaping journey. You must draw from your vaporizer and let it settle in your mouth. Later you will have to push out that vapor from your mouth in a ball shape. And then quickly inhale that ball into your mouth.

Smoke ring 

Have you ever fantasized about releasing smoke rings from your mouth? Then this might be an apt choice for you to enjoy vaping THC-O. This technique is called a smoke ring or blowing O’s. It is a lucrative technique and might have the same charm for many years. With just a few tries with your THC-O vape pen, you can master this iconic technique. It can be fun and satisfying if done in the right way. The concept of exhaling rings might seem challenging, but it is easier when practiced correctly. Take a drag and be patient enough to achieve results. After mastering this technique, you will be able to release O-shaped rings.

Smoke bubble 

How fascinating it used to be to blow bubbles! A floating bubble seems charismatic even if you are a grown-up. Want to recreate those mesmerizing experiences again? You can do it with your THC O vape pen. It might look like this technique needs lots of hassle, but it is easier than ever. You will need a vape pen along with some household stuff. Just get yourself soap, water, a bowl, and a straw. Mix the soap in water and then take a draw from your vape. Dip the straw in a solution and blow bubbles after drawing in the vape.


Having a fun experience with your THC-O vape pen is entirely about how you do it. Choosing products according to your level will let you enjoy the vaping experience. Making the wrong choice of products can be problematic as it would lead to disturbance. There are different techniques to vape an e-liquid that can give you room for experimenting. From a beginner-level course, you can gradually shift to complex processes that are fun to experience.

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