How to Improve Your Wi-Fi While You’re Stuck at Home


Emergencies need some backup things too. In our house, everyone has a role or responsibility towards our home. Regularly, they do fulfill their work, but as it is said, desperate times are desperate measures. The time comes when the father has to look out for financial conditions to survive in the crisis, his job itself. Here, you can find the details about how to improve your Wi-Fi.

Mothers have to look out for everyday needs starting from food-related stuff, gas cylinders, water, electricity, etc. About kids, if they are younger at age, it will be just a vacation for them. But for working people at home, there are bigger things to deal with work, and especially they need at least a good network.

People can be working on a mobile, laptop, computer during work from home. Many heavy applications need high data speed. Not everyone would be having Wi-Fi, router, etc., some may still work on mobile data or using its hotspot. Is that enough for heavy software that usually needs around 300+ Mbps data speed? The only solution they have is to set up a Wi-Fi network. The people who already have set up are working smoothly and many of them use

Due to all people working from home and using Wi-Fi, at times it puts a load on the data speed, the network slows down. During these times, it gives a helpless feeling for what to do more than having Wi-Fi rather than using a mobile system. But there are some tricks to help ourselves in these crises, and it won’t stop our stop. We need to know the basic working of Wi-Fi and related stuff.

1. Place in Open space

For communication, everything matters like distance, obstacles like a wall, ceilings, electronic interference, number of users. So it is suggested to keep the router in an open spot.

  • Restart

Many times we have used this solution whenever our PC, laptop, the mobile hangs or slows down the overall working. After doing this, the cache is cleared, which sometimes keeps the load on the device. So this can be firstly done as per less time consuming and the first solution.

  • Location of router

If you are using the direct connection, then the location of the router and the place where you are sitting should be near, this will not have any interferences and slowing down of the network.


2. Use the latest Wi-Fi technologies

One can replace the older versions of routers as B/G/N should with new technology made routers, this will eventually increase the speed of the router.

1. Change the router

The old routers or the most used routers can give some issues related to its function. It needs to be changed after a certain period to avoid problems.

2. To limit the frequency of the router.

The frequency of the router is not thoroughly utilized every time. If we turn down the limit of the net rate, then it may help and achieve a better signal.

3. Regular Updation of adapter or driver of router

Sometimes to update the adapter gives a little push and communicates to the devices appropriately.

4. Usage of the heat mapping tool

There are some extra tools in the market for additional information on the details of data usage. It helps to keep track of the frequency changes, the impact of distance, or signal strength.

5. Use Power-Saving mode in the router

There is a power-saving mode that we can access using the settings from the laptop. We can change the method to ON, but there will be some reduction of bandwidth.

6. Shed unnecessary data from the device

To boost the network and device while managing my removing some unnecessary files or programs. These unneeded things can restrict better coverage of the system.

7. To stop or block other people or devices sharing the same network

Maybe we can tell people who share the same network to use other timings so that your work is not affected. You are sharing the system, which means people are the close ones who use your network. If you are not able to confront them, then other tools are available, which can block the systems chosen.

8. Keep the router to auto Restart every day

Rebooting the router so that it can start every day with new connections, helps to recover the establishments of the network. It can work like we turn OFF the system and turn ON again.

9. Keep away from interference

Some electronic devices tend to behave as network interferences. We can keep the router at some distance from us. Few things include speakers, types of lights, other PC or mobile.

  • Use wireless extender

Wireless extender helps to boost the place where the network may weaken. Using wireless extender may not be much help to speed up communication.

  • Use access points if having a more substantial house

The idea of using the access points is like they connect, creating a wireless network. Again this may not be so effective, but one can always try it as; it may help boost a little speed.

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