How to Make Money on Online Shopping Website: 7 Crucial Components Decoded


How to Make Money on Online Shopping Website

Online Shopping is the most loving kind of shopping these days. Almost every one of all ages has internet access and are very much interested to shop online.

Now, moving on further we shall discuss the 7 Essential Elements of a Money Making Fashion Website.

1.Good Website Design:

The first and foremost thing you observe after you log in any online shopping or fashion website is a good website design and the attractive landing pages.

Shopping is always fun and exciting. This same should be experienced by the customers also whenever they visit your fashion website.

Henceforth, Good website design for an e-commerce website shop is a must. Remember, a good website also about the functionality too. You should give the customers experience and feel just like in an actual store, you should provide easy options for each category.

2. Security:

Last but definitely not least, when you have an online shopping website, you will be gathering information that is confidential, such as addresses, email address and account information. This is the scenario website security should be addressed to protect all of the sensitive and valuable data.

SSL helps to establish a secure connection between clients and the web server through the secure protocol HTTPS. It is the best and perfect choice for protecting sensitive information. SSL certificate protects customer information like password, credit card information and more. It provides a secure channel to transfer information between browser and web server.

There are types of SSL certificates available in the market. For an ecommerce website, an EV SSL certificate is best.

EV SSL Certificate provides a higher level of assurance than any other commonly known SSL’s. However, EV verification requires the CA to determine the physical existence, legal identity, and an operational existence before EV SSL Certificate is issued.

EV SSL Certificate includes Phishing Prevention, due to strong validation policies for EV SSL Certificates, it is very difficult for the hacker to break all the checks, thus making the cyber-attack very rare.b Because the EV SSL certification process holds this expected transparency, the user feels more involved in knowing or getting their information is safe.

3. Clear Product Information:

Customers should have a crystal clear product information. They need to know what they are buying. Make sure to include the following criteria along with the product information.

  • Description
  • Options in terms of size, color, dimensions
  • Price
  • Manufacturer
  • Availability

The description of the products includes the model of the product. More detailed information about the product. Customers need to know everything about the product they are buying.

Make sure you include all the above details on the product information page.

4. High-quality Product Images:

Always include high-quality product images. Make them available in every possible angle. Customers will eye on every minute detail when comes to the selection of their favorite collection. Allow users to zoom in on an image so that they can scroll through the image and see all the details. Adding high-quality product images gives customers the exact idea on a product look actually.   

When comes to clothing or footwear then this a must spot-on for images. It gives a clear idea of how a particular dress or shirt looks on themselves. It is equally important to include the images of footwear also. Online shoppers look for every small detail like the color, material of making, etc. This is an important factor which draws more customers into your fashion website.

5. Wide Range of Products:

Online shopping customers would love to spend their time looking for a wide range of products. The crucial part of essential money making tip is to include a huge collection of products. Introduce the last minute shopping coupons, flat 50% sales, special festive offers, and many such interesting concepts.

6. Seller Information:

Online Shoppers should find you easily. So, make sure you include a proper landing page, about us page, success stories, positive reviews of the products purchased and testimonials. These days social media advertising has a great success rate. You should plan accordingly for the sales and promotions on the social platform.

Include all the information regarding FAQ’s, payments modes, shipping, and returns, a contact page which includes the customer care contact number, email address for any queries. Always be available for the customers.

7. Search, Filter, and Compare Options:

For anything we need to know or to find out, the first and foremost we generally do is to search google bar. Therefore, the importance of a search bar is pretty high.

For that matter all the websites have it. So what you will do little differently to attract more customers, is keep a search bar option very catchy. Whenever the customer searches for anything, it should get displayed immediately.  

However, the customers should also be able to use the ‘filter’ option on their searches by the product type, price range, color, size, etc. Even if your products are categorized, it’s still important to provide search options to your shoppers for their convenience.

The main motto is to improve ways to improve fashion shopping. You can also include the comparing list of the products so that the customers will understand well.

Finally, it is all about to make the customers happy. Adding the above search, filter and compare options will no doubt increase your online fashion shopping sales. At the end of the day, the main criteria are to satisfy the customers, keep them engaged on your website and then buy make them buy.


Having good products alone is not enough, you should follow the discussed essential elements required for an online fashion website. The main agenda is to maintain a shopping online website or a fashion website for better audience reach and expected profits and brand recognition.

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