How to Promote Your Learning App: Basic Tips


How to Promote Your Learning App Basic Tips

Education was always an important and needful process for humans. Over the centuries people developed different methods to acquire knowledge. The tools changed as well. Nowadays we heavily depend on tech devices to receive the necessary proficiency, rather than attend courses and lectures, as most of us basically don’t have time for that. The emergence of mobile phones made it possible to study more effectively and faster while on the go. The popularity of mobile apps caused the rapid growth of educational app development and resulted in the high number of educational tools in the app stores. The integration of such advanced features as augmented reality and gamification makes learning even more exciting and fun. Below in this article, you will find How to Promote Your Learning App: Basic Tips.

Types of educational apps

Educational apps can be aimed at schoolers and students as well as working professionals and used for self-study purposes. Such apps help to learn a language, prepare for exams or receive new skills. There are different types of educational apps including apps that contain online courses, memorization apps, apps for exam preparation and also various supporting tools like online dictionaries and libraries. All these apps help to facilitate learning, track the progress and also increase motivation which is very important in the study process. 

The most famous educational apps are Kahoot!, Khan Academy, Quizlet, Duolingo, Memrise, Anki. The last app is perfect for learning foreign languages as it uses flashcards for memorizing and revising the study material.

Ways to promote a learning app

By implementing features that most popular educational apps have will bring you half of success. The other half depends on your marketing strategy. There are some tips that can make your app shine and look as unique among myriads of competitors.

First of all, make your strategy clear from the start. Transform your ideas into the material dimension. Think of all possibilities, study the market, weigh the pros and cons and present a detailed business plan. 

Another tip you can use is contacting industry experts such as educational professionals, teachers, and schools associations and introduce the idea of your app to them. By receiving the feedback from influencers you can still alter your app on the development stage: add more features or delete the existing ones. This way you will tailor your app to cater to the needs and preferences of the people who are well versed in the educational field. Also, you can receive their support if they like your app.

Promoting an app on social media is what every app owner should do. Since a large number of potential users already have social accounts and most likely are active members of the social communities. It’s even more important to promote your app on social media prior to the official launch. Because once you release your app, you would already have a bunch of people ready to download your app right away. 

No app marketing strategy works itself out without a solid app store optimization. Choose the name of your app, an icon, and text for description wisely. A catchy name and likeable logo will attract more users taking into account that you put enough relevant keywords into the description box.

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