How To Redesign Your Logo For A Fresh Start


A logo is a crucial aspect of your business. It helps strengthen your identity and invites people to support your company. It also sets you apart from your competitors and can help foster brand loyalty. Therefore, it’s essential to have a well-designed logo to build your brand, leading to the success of your business.

 Why Do Companies Change Their Logos?

You might have noticed that companies change their logos over time. This happens if a firm wants to attract new customers or they’ve undertaken an acquisition or merger. A company could also redefine its logo if they’ve added a new service or product that may differ from its original ones. Besides that, a change may also be vital if they feel that their logo is outdated or no longer catches the attention of their target market. 

 Steps For Logo Redefining

Logo Redefining

You may have decided to redefine your logo for one or two reasons provided above to give your business a fresh start. In this case, here are some steps to ensure your rebranding is a success:

1. Look For A Graphic Design Expert Or Tool

A good graphic designer can redesign your logo to produce your desired outcome. They can also create a piece that accurately communicates what you’d like your company to stand for. They know the best fonts, shapes, and colors that are inviting and can make people feel more connected to your business. 

That said, hiring a graphic designer is an additional expense. However, if you’d like to save on this cost, you may use a free logo design tool.

2. Identify What To Keep Or Change 

Before starting your redesigning process, it’s best to know the elements of your old logo you’d like to keep and the ones to change. A complete redo may be necessary if you’d like to redefine consumers’ perceptions of your firm. If this is not why you’d want to redefine your symbol, it’s best to keep the changes minimal. This will ensure that your clients and other customers still recognize you and feel connected to your business. 

Here are four things to think about when changing the elements of your logo:

  • Type

You might want to redesign your logo’s type. In this case, you could consider letterforms, emblems, mascots, or abstract, word, or pictorial marks. The best one for your company should effectively represent your name, values, and target market.

  • Color

Color is an essential aspect to consider when redesigning your logo. This is because colors inspire different emotions. For instance, yellow may associate with joy and warmth, orange might signify energy and vibrance, black may represent power, etc. Therefore, when choosing any color, ensure that it communicates the feelings by which you’d like people to associate your redefined company. 

  • Font

Fonts might also evoke different emotions. For instance, classic ones can promote feelings of heritage, respectability, and trust. Whimsical ones can tell people that you’re fun-loving and youthful, whereas fancier ones may convey elegance and femininity. Therefore, when choosing a font for your logo, ensure it communicates your redefined brand well.

  • Shape

Shapes are often unforgettable. Therefore, using any in your logo could easily make customers remember and identify you. Besides that, shapes can also convey a particular message about your business. For example, circles, ellipses, and ovals may show stability, positivity, and unity. Triangles and squares might evoke feelings of energy, power, efficiency, and professionalism.

You can alter the above elements to emphasize, clarify, or redefine what you’d like your brand to be. When redesigning your logo, these components can change your identity in a minor or significant way. If you need help, it’s best to consult a graphic designer near you.

 3. Ask For Consumers’ Feedback

Consumers may get attached to a logo over time. Thus, making alterations could stir some feelings in them. After making the necessary logo changes, it’s best to ask for people’s views. This way, you’ll know if they like the new logo. There are several feedback collection methods you could use. For instance, you can consider focus groups, surveys, emails, or individual interviews. Social media could also be a great tool to use.

Make further adjustments based on what your current clients and other consumers tell you. Remember that customer satisfaction can build trust, increase client retention rates, and enhance loyalty.


A well-designed logo could contribute to the success of a business. It differentiates you from other companies in your industry, strengthens your identity, brings more people to your door, and enhances loyalty. 

If you’d like to redefine your logo, this article provides steps to make the endeavor productive. Look for an excellent graphic design expert or tool, and identify the elements to keep or change. Lastly, ask for consumers’ feedback to see if your efforts were fruitful.

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