Beginners Guide to Ark: How to Survive the Ark


Ark is a survival game with so much fun for its players. But don’t be deceived; you can get killed as soon as you spawn into the game. More often than normal, it takes several trials for beginners on Ark to even make it through the first day. This is because you can be killed by almost anything in the game.

In this article, you will find useful tips to help you survive your first day in Ark and thrive as a beginner. In addition, use the Best Ark Survival Evolved Hacks for an improved Ark game with less difficulty.

Beginners guide to Ark

1. You don’t want to freeze

You spawn on the beach without clothes. As a result, you are cold and may start freezing. This usually happens if you spawn at night. To stop yourself from freezing, level up and use the points you gain from it to get fortitude. 

Once you have up to 20 fortitude, it reduces your chances of freezing. Also, you can make some clothes once you’ve gathered fiber. You can also light up a campfire to keep yourself warm.

2. Build your own tools

Your survival in Ark will need you to use some simple tools to get some basic items that you’ll need in the game. The first tool you’ll need on the island is the pickaxe. However, you first have to get a rock from the beach and use it in punching trees for wood. 

You can then use what you have gotten to make your first pickaxe. You can further use the pickaxe to get flint which you will need to craft an ax.

3. Gather materials

There are five basic materials upon which your survival in Ark depends on. They are thatch, stone, wood, fiber, and flint. Your pickaxe is a useful tool in gathering thatch, stone, wood, and flint. You’ll also need to kill smaller animals like the dodo for raw meat and hide.

You can gather fiber from the small bushes by the beach and forest. Hold down the E button to pick all the available fibers till the bushes are completely bared.

4. Get some Food and water

The food gauge shows how hungry you are and usually depletes as you play the game. Once it’s empty, your health begins to drop. Most players consider the dodo as an easy first meal when they spawn into the game. 

This is usually because they are much easier to kill, usually with a handful of punches. Also, the raw meat the dodo provides is a great source of healing and nutrition than berries. Alternatively, you can use berries and vegetables as a source of food.

Your water level indicates your hydration level. It drops over time but is usually faster when your stamina level is down or if you get too hot. To rehydrate yourself, you can drink or submerge yourself in a stream or any nearby water source. Also, you can carry some water around in a water jar or skin.

5. Monitor your Health tabs

In Ark, there are several stats that players need to monitor if they want to survive constantly. They are hunger, fortitude, water, oxygen, and torpidity. Fortitude, for example, has to do with a player’s resistance to heat or cold. These elements change with time and with respect to sea level.

Torpidity beyond 50% will cause you to fall asleep, as it measures your weariness level. Other important stats include melee damage, stamina, health, weight, and movement speed.

6. Build your base

You’ll need a place to keep your gear, making it important to build yourself a base. You can choose to build your base from thatch, wood, or stones. However, you should consider building in places with easy access to water and other useful items.

Also, make sure you situate your base far from threats like an enemy’s base or high grounds. Once you have your base, you can use some hides to make a bed or sleeping bag.


Playing Ark is, no doubt, a difficult task for newbies. So, make sure to keep a safe distance from dangerous players and dinosaurs. Also, take your time to gather some essential items, including food and water. Finally, keep an eye on your health level so you don’t die from depletion.

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