How To Use InShot To Edit Your Videos

How To Use InShot To Edit Your Videos
How To Use InShot To Edit Your Videos

Don’t you think that recording a video in the moment is better than taking a picture? I mean, a picture says a thousand words, sure, but filming a video lets you relive the moments you were in even if it’s just quick glimpses to the simpler times. With that, wouldn’t you want to see all of the best parts all into one video? Well, that’s what the inshot app is for!. below in this article, we will cover the How To Use InShot To Edit Your Videos.

Inshot is a video editing app that has plenty of straightforward features that let you manipulate your videos in any way you like, and the best part? It’s all free! You can split your videos and merge them later. You can add GIFs to match your theme and then add cutesy stickers. With that, here’s how to use the inshot app to produce masterpieces!

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We’ll go over the basics first. The simplest editing you could do to your videos is to cut, split, trim, and merge them later on. A cutter to take away some clips you don’t like, a splitter to separate a long video into two shorter bits, a trimmer to shorten your clips, and a merger to – well, merge everything. The inshot app couldn’t get more basic than that, right?

Now, unto the more flashy and stylistic stuff for editing. You have filters that change the way your video looks, GIFs to back up and give some humor to your video, maybe even add some stickers to brighten up and add color, and finally, the visual effects to add that splash of coolness and life to your final product. If that sounds too complex, don’t worry, it isn’t.

Using InShot

The cutting, splitting, and trimming tools are operated all in the same fashion. First, you select the video you want to edit and then tap on the scissors icon – the cut, split, and trim tabs are all here. Choose a sweet spot by adjusting the slider to where you want to separate and shorten your video then finish it all off by tapping the check on the right side of your screen.

With the simpler stuff out of the way, we start to get fancier from this point onwards. What’s a great video without some fantastic music, right? Well, with inshot, you can add your music to show off your music taste, or you can choose from the extensive collection that the inshot library has. The music helps your video progress better and doesn’t leave any silence.

The visual effects, filters, GIFs, stickers, and texts are what put your editing skills to the test! You get visual effects that can distort your video by warping how it looks, or they can add effects that can add ambiance. You get filters that can change the lighting of your video to change the vibe of the video – a choice from brighter tones to darker tones.

GIFs, stickers, and texts are the only things that are for you to decide if you want them in your final product. You can add the GIFs and animated stickers to add on that last splashes of color that you think is missing – you can already choose plenty, but you need to pay to get more. The texts can be stylized to your liking if you want to add some fancy captions.


Of course, there is other video editing software out there. However, we think that InShot is the best place to start because it offers exceptional functionality while remaining straightforward and quite simple to use. Keep going at it with more than just one project if you want to become an expert at manipulating the app. I’m sure you’ll have a blast while reminiscing!

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