How to Win at Online Pokies


As one of the most popular online games, winning at pokies is a dream many players have, and although winning is a lot down to chance, you can learn with this guide a few handy tips and tricks to increase your odds of winning. 

But first things first, you need to know that winning at pokies will require your time, dedication, and patience. 

Which are the Best Online Pokies to Play?

The best online pokies machine is the one that has the correct combination of volatility, return to player, casino bonuses and set limits. 

In online gambling, the volatility of a game is a term that is used to assess the risk of you losing a bit by suggesting how often or rare you can expect to win and how large or small those wins will be. 

Pokies machines are ranked into three levels of volatility which are low, medium, and high, and an excellent online casino will offer you games of various risk levels.

  • Low volatility or variance pokies games give you more of a chance of wins, but the payouts are not massive, and the games are not as exciting. However, these games benefit from steadier payouts and easier bankroll management as they offer more minor losses and extended playtime.
  • High volatility pokies machines can offer mega payouts into the millions. These pokies machine payout rarely and will require you to bet the maximum amount on each spin to be in the chance of a massive win.
  • Medium volatility pokies machines are a compromise between low and high-volatility machines.

What is Meant by Return to Player?

The return to player percentage predicts how much you can expect to win over a long time playing the same game. The game developer determines the RTP, and those pokies machines with a higher RTP percentage give you a better chance of a win (making them less volatile). Those pokies games with a lower RTP percentage are considered more volatile. 

What is Meant by the Intensity of Bonuses?

Those pokies with special bonus features also tend to be high volatility games, so if you play on a game that features a bonus after every 100,000  spins, compared to a pokies game with a bonus, every 100 spins will play out a larger prize. 

Those progressive pokies games that add a little of each bet made to the prize pot are more volatile as they rarely payout but can offer genuinely life-changing cash prizes. 

What is Meant by Set Limits? 

The size of your bankroll will create your limits.  As mentioned earlier, the high volatility games such as progressive pokies require you to bet the game’s maximum amount on each spin before you are in with a chance at the mega jackpot. 

Those games that offer a fixed jackpot will payout more frequently, but the prizes will be smaller. These games will suit you if you are new to online pokies or have a smaller bankroll to play with.

Ultimately, online pokies are for fun and entertainment, so set your weekly or monthly budget for playing online games and stick to it. Never play with money you cannot afford to lose, and never chase your losses. Winning adds to the thrill of playing online pokies, and you never know, Lady Luck might just be on your side. 

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