How Virtual Phone Numbers Help to Protect Privacy on the Internet


In the digital age, privacy has become one of the most important things for internet users from all over the world. Every day millions of people receive on their mobile phones tons of disturbing messages from different online applications about upcoming events, new offers, and huge discounts. Of course, most of them are not really satisfied with this, since it is just another modern source of daily irritation. But luckily there is a simple and affordable solution for this issue in form of virtual phone numbers.

Basics and principles of virtual phone numbers

By its essence, virtual phone numbers are no different from real ones. Each of them also belongs to the specific SIM card but instead of a mobile phone, it is connected to a laptop or personal computer with special hardware. Usually, it is a GSM modem or GoIP gateway but there are also other options. Anyway, as the result, it becomes possible to use a connected phone number online at any moment. 

There is no need for anything except a device with an internet connection. So such a number can be used to receive calls and text messages while located at any place in the world. At the same time, a virtual phone number can have the dialing code of any country. Since everyone is able to connect their SIM cards no matter their location.

Basically, this is how most platforms that provide SMS verification work. Except for regular users, there are also other people that are called sellers or providers. They connect their phone numbers to the server so other people can use them to receive verification codes.

Privacy protection mechanisms

In comparison, virtual phone numbers are way more private and safe for use on the internet than real ones. They allow you to provide the maximum level of security when signing up on different applications. And here is how it is achieved:

  • Cannot be associated with its user or owner. It is not possible to somehow associate a virtual phone number with its owner as well as the person using it. There is no history about it on the internet as well as no information in any provider databases.
  • Cannot be called or texted. Virtual phone numbers for phone verification are supposed to only receive verification codes from different apps. Even if it gets leaked or something there is no way to call it or send on it tons of annoying text messages.
  • Cannot be tracked. It is not possible to find out where exactly the person that is using the disposable phone number is located at this moment. The only thing that is possible to know is the country by its dialing code which is public. But there is no guarantee that it has not been used from any other place in the world.

In addition, virtual phone numbers can also be disposable. In this case, they cease to exist immediately after receiving a text message. So then there is no way to find or use it again.

Where can anyone get a virtual phone number to receive SMS

Those who care about their privacy on the internet know that it can be easily secured using an established and reliable platform for online SMS verification called SMS-Man. There everyone can get virtual phone numbers with dialing codes from more than a hundred countries to receive verification text messages with any currently existing application.

Speed and quality of work have always been the main goals of this website. To start using the service it is enough to pass a simple registration process using an email address or social media account and top up an account balance. There are no limitations or subscriptions required. Once signed up everyone can start getting virtual phone numbers to protect their privacy on the internet or accomplish other online tasks.

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