HTC One M9 Teaser Released @HTC_UK


Last week (20th February) we brought you the leaked teaser #TheNextGalaxy for Samsung’s Flagship Galaxy S6. Today @HTC_UK have again release the first teaser of the HTC One (M9). The video dosen’t say anything special about the video, but just a 14 second teaser.

The new video, bears eerie resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser. With the theme “Let Them Stare”, over the backdrop of flowing fluids in shades of purple. Probably another indication of the materials or the design philosophy. Or perhaps a new color scheme. We can only speculate till its eventual release on 1st March 2015. HTC’s Jeff Gordon said, “No idea what will come March 1”. Giving clear indications that the company wants to remain tight lipped about the release, to help build curiosity. Whether all these promotional gimmickry will actually translate into sales is something that only time will tell. But if the recent reports are to be believed the HTC One M9 is set to give Samsung Galaxy S6 a run for its money.



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