HTC U11 (Sprint) Receives Android 8.0 ROM Update

If you are an HTC U11 users with Sprint Network, then you will soon be receiving the Android 8.0 update of your smartphone. HTC has released the ROM update with a size of 1.38GB. Almost many people have already received this update in their countries & rest will receive soon by this week.

The Android 8.0 update on HTC U11 will remove some of the bug issues and will also help to improve the battery performance. With this it is clear that HTC is already working on Android 8.0 for HTC U11 devices, which means apart from the Sprint users other handset will also start getting the Android 8.0 soon by the end of February.

We have no update about which country will get this update first, but it is expected that all the HTC U11 devices will start getting Android 8.0 by the end of February.