Huawei P20 And P20 Plus Renders Leaked Out In The Wild


The Huawei P20 & P20 Plus are coming out in March 27, 2018 & the hype of Three rear Cameras (at least in the P20 Plus) & 40 Megapixel Photos are pretty damn high. Now, talking about the design, it’s almost confirmed that the P20 will have two Cameras on the back while the P20 Plus will have Three. Huawei P20 And P20 Plus Renders Leaked Out In The Wild.

However, the Front designs has been finally exposed & it’s kinda following two things. First thing is the iPhone X like Notch which you may or may not be happy about. The second thing is the Fingerprint Scanner approach similar to the the Mate 10 series as the Huawei P20 has it in the Front but, the P20 Plus has it on the Back.

They actually look pretty good as the Notch is Minimalistic but, we would have appreciated an original design similar to the Mate 10 line even more.

Howeve, looks like Huawei will also put their cards for advanced facial recognition & improved animated emoji features. But, we’ll see what else they have in store for these devices, when they announce the P20 & P20 Plus in Paris next month.

Talking about processing power, Huawei P20 & P20 Plus will be powered by the latest 10nm Kirin 970 from Huawei. The 970 comes with a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) which Huawei will be using for some AI features in the Software & specially in the Cameras. The cameras on the P20 & the P20 Plus are expected to bring significant improvements over the Cameras of the Mate 10 & Mate 10 Pro.


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