In 2021 Taipei Will Change 1,60,000 Streetlights To Smart LED

Photo: Chloe Liao, Digitimes, May 2018

In few years everyone will have smart led bulbs at their home, but Taipei is planning to take things far ahead your imagination. According to Taipei’s Department of Information Technology, they are planning to replace 160,000 streetlamps in 2021 with Smart LED Lights. It seems that they have already started doing this.

If you are thinking about this has just a tech fashion or showoff, then they have some purpose behind this. All these smart LED lights features some amazing smart controls. With this smart LED lights the citizens can monitor traffic & can also collect data on air pollution. This initiative surly defines a betterment of mankind. We can think of a lot of possibilities when things are under your hand.

There has already been some areas, where these experiments are taken place under POC so that they could develop some strategy for improvement. On the other hand, all these steps are been taken without the help of government.

According to the source the aim for 2019 is to replace 12,600 streetlamps & by 2020 additional 9,000 & by 2021 they are planning to replace 160,00. Currently everything is under experiment, but it seems that in 2021 we could see this happening.

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