Instagram Ads Strategy Tweaks That Can Make Your E-Commerce Revenues Zing

E-Commerce Revenues Zing
E-Commerce Revenues Zing

As the owner of a small online business, the going can be pretty tough in the beginning when you are trying to get your website optimized for e-commerce sales. Most people have a torrid time trying to put together a coherent content strategy that is in line with the marketing strategy, however, when you are trying to sell online, there is no escaping the hassle of generating suitable content, posting it according to a schedule, and monitoring the results. Social media, and in particular, happening networks like Instagram need to figure prominently in your marketing strategy due to the huge access you can get to the target audience. Apart from posting content on your Instagram account, it can be extremely advantageous to advertise your business on Instagram due to the potential exposure. Some useful tips to get the advertising right. Below in this article, we will cover the Instagram Ads Strategy Tweaks That Can Make Your E-Commerce Revenues Zing.

Identify the Right Target Audience 

For online businesses that have not yet been able to build up a large follower base, Instagram advertising is the best tactic for getting your products and services across to the audience that matters. According to, the most crucial aspect of a successful Instagram advertising campaign is getting the objectives right. You can engage in targeted advertising on Instagram to audience profiles that you can select by multiple factors like location, interests, age, gender, and more so that the chances of them clicking on the advertisements and going straight across to your e-commerce platform to make transactions are increased. It is also very likely that these customers will also become your followers for Instagram and engage with you continuously.

Restrict the Use of Text 

The prime reason why Instagram has been a runaway success is that it has a visual focus on communication. The users of Instagram also accordingly prefer visuals and graphics and they tend to reject text most of the time unless it is in the form of supporting captions to images. This means even when you are using Instagram as an advertising platform, you should limit the use of text in your advertisements. This effectively means that your advertisements need to look very appealing visually and use the minimum amount of text. A good rule to follow is keeping the text to below 20% of the matter on the advertising banner.

Use Outstanding Images

Instagram users are bombarded with images that are truly beautiful and are of outstanding quality so you need to ensure that you can keep pace with them. If need be, arrange for a professional photographer to shoot pictures of your products so that the quality is top class. For any other interesting images, you can freely make use of editing tools to increase their visual appeal. Many advertisers dress up their advertisements on Instagram in the same way as their posts so that they retain their distinctive looks and are easily identifiable by the users. However, it is best not to tamper with user-generated content too much as their appeal lies in the fact that they have been taken by amateurs.


The success of your Instagram advertising campaigns primarily rests on your being able to identify the correct target audience and then talking to them using pictures of very good quality and relevance, keeping the text portion to the minimum. 

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