Instagram and Email Marketing to Drive Brand Engagement


You have read a lot about Instagram and email campaigns. You know that traditional email marketing tactics have become obsolete and the photo-sharing social media site is the in-thing for marketers and businesses, big and small. Then, are you aware that both Instagram and email marketing can go hand-in-hand in driving user engagement for your brand and products? 

Even the top brands use Instagram for promoting their business and products. With email campaigns, you can take your marketing efforts to the next level. Then, you must know how to use both to your best interest. Read on to learn more about how Instagram and email marketing help in driving engagement for your business. 

The use of Instagram photos in email campaigns 

You can use high-quality Instagram photos and stunning visuals in your email newsletters. Moreover, social media photos are best to use for driving engagement because they have something special about them. Did you know that 76 percent of emails integrate social icons and 14 percent add social media photos? It was a finding by the Curalate and Movable Ink. 

Instagram is the king when it comes to social media engagement. Studies show that the photo-sharing platform succeeded in delivering 29 percent more engagement than Facebook and again 60 percent more than Twitter. These figures are quite promising and significant enough to overlook. 

Instagram and Email Marketing to Drive Brand Engagement
Instagram and Email Marketing to Drive Brand Engagement

Instagram photography boosts click-through rates 

Based on the findings of a reputed social media agency, the use of Instagram-styled photography boosts click-through rates up to 8 percent as well as conversion rate by 25 percent. Again, another study by Elon University discovered that most of the customers rely on user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram more than posts created by brands. If you would like to read more about the benefits of UGC on the photo-sharing site, you look up sites such as

Integrating the Instagram icon and linking to your emails

Incorporating the Instagram icon and linking the same to your emails is easy. If you are already on the image-sharing platform, it is a cakewalk for you. Moreover, it is super easy to use your business Instagram content that will help you to gain new followers. Again, integrating your business Instagram photos to an email together with a coupon will help you drive considerable revenue, depending on the industry you serve. 

Taking your community across the marketing channels 

It is beneficial to take your community across various marketing channels. It implies making the most out of Instagram’s UGC. There is happy news for marketers because they can find loads of UGC obtainable. However, you need to determine how would find specific UGC related to your business that you would like to include in your email marketing campaigns. 

Finding images to use in your email campaigns 

When it comes to the beauty and fashion brands, they have been using Instagram visuals in their email marketing campaigns. Research the brands that do it with perfection. The best example is Urban Outfitters. The brand uses high-quality Instagram visuals in their emails as well as their website, thus building a huge community surrounding the brand. Take inspiration and implement it in your email campaigns. Click here for How to view Instagram profile picture


The potential of Instagram UGC and visuals are infinite. Use them to your benefit and drive engagement.

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