Intel Launched The New Xeon Phi x205 Server Processors With Upto 72 Cores !


Intel Xeon is probably the most popular & powerful server processors that are available right now. Intel has recently announced the successor to their Xeon Phi x200 series & this new series is now officially known as the Xeon Phi x205.

There are three new CPUs that have been currently launched under the Phi x205 series. The Intel Xeon Phi 7235, Intel Xeon Phi 7285 & Intel Xeon Phi 7295 are the variant names & these CPUs start at 64 cores & goes all the way upto 72 Cores. Now we have 72 core CPUs from the older Phi x200 series but, the main differentiator here is the TDP that is quite higher compared to the last gen CPUs. So, I guess we need to break it down in a specification format.



Intel Xeon Phi 7235 Intel Xeon Phi 7285 Intel Xeon Phi 7295
Process Technology  14nm  14nm  14nm
Number Of Cores  64  68  72
Number Of Threads  64  68  72
Base Frequency  1.3 GHz  1.3 GHz  1.5 GHz
Max Frequency  1.4 GHz  1.4 GHz  1.6 GHz
Cache Size (L2)  32MB  34MB  36MB
Max PCIe Lanes  36 36 36
TDP  250W  250W  320W
Memory Type  DDR4-2133MHz  DDR4-2400MHz  DDR4-2400MHz
Max Memory Channels  6 6 6


These CPUs bring significant improvements over the previous gen Phi series & so the prices aren’t low as well. Though Intel hasn’t listed any official prices yet but, these CPUs may start around $2200 give or take a little bit & go all the way close to $3500. So for those Servers & Supercomputers, these are really great options coming with a hefty price tag.

Source: Intel

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