Interesting Features of Mahjong game, you should be aware of:


In a little words Mahjong is Chinese origin game developed in the 19th century played along with four players. It traditionally has 144 tiles in it. Even the ‘easy’ version available also follows the same rules. 

Even though the original requires ‘4 players’ you can play the refreshed game all by yourself anytime. The game rule is to select two matching tiles until there are no more tiles or no more matches available. 

Bubble Shooter mahjong catalog is really refreshing with different and refreshing versions of the same old game. The versions have a variety of new features. With that said the classic version is there too.

As you have got a clear idea about the Mahjong game, have a look at some free and high-quality gaming experiences available to play it.

Mahjong game

Mahjong Dark Dimensions: 

This revamped version of Mahjong by bubble shooter provides a three-dimensional (3D) experience of the classic game. This version increases the difficulty and excitement with the need to rotate the puzzle and finish it within a time limit making it really interesting. There are 2x and 5x rewards for speed match and multi-match combo respectively. 

Mahjong Dark Dimensions

There are fun challenges included secretly. All this makes this mahjong game special.

You can access the flash game directly on your browser. 

Zodiac Mahjong:

For this version, all the tiles have zodiac signs in them. It is very appealing and appropriate for kids. The whole family can concentrate on observing the tiles thereby solving them faster. It improves the kid’s concentration and memory as they have to remember the position of the tiles. Also, the zodiac signs get familiarized by the kids. 

Mahjong Quest Mania

Here, the excitement is taken to another level with small rewards and powers given when you keep progressing. They help you pass hard levels. For this version, the rules are more liberal. You only have to match the same colored tiles rather than the ones with identical symbols. And with every three consecutive matches extra 10 seconds are added. 

This improves your kid’s pattern recognition capability along with critical thinking. 

Forest Frog Mahjong

This Mahjong game has a forest setting as its theme. It gives three minutes to solve the puzzle and every time you finish it before the timer, you will be rewarded with extra time for the next level. The added benefit of auto highlighting the next choice is better than clicking the hint button. The forest setting with a lake, treehouse, and bamboo gives a real natural vibe while playing it. 

Mahjong Connect Deluxe:

With the rules remaining the same Connect Deluxe mahjong has 12 challenging levels. A light bulb button is provided to find the next possible match. Spinning the daily wheel allows you to win rewards and use them in the game. 

The coins the player earns by completing levels can be used to buy the different themes available in the game. The themes range from flowers and bamboo to circles, characters, and seasons. 

Mahjong games collection

Mahjong games collection in Bubble Shooter is equipped to keep you entertained for hours.

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