iPhone 11 Review


Three new iPhones are bringing improved photography, iterated design, stronger processing and most importantly, a longer-lasting battery. Below in this article, we will cover the iPhone 11 Review.

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are replacing the iPhone XR, XS, and the XS Max.

Last year, the iPhone XS was the base model with the XR acting as a budget alternative. Now, the 11 is replacing the XR and acting as the definitive iPhone with both the 11 Pro and the 11 Pro Max being shown as upgrades.

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The front of the new phone is identical to last year’s, featuring a 6.1-inch screen extending to the edges. Apple discovered a method to allow their screen to reach the edge which they debuted with the XS and have retained for the 11. It is a great looking screen, even if the Pro versions have higher details. Sometimes the text is not as clear as you would prefer but everything else looks so good it does not matter.

iPhone 11 Review
iPhone 11 Review

The design’s new features become obvious when you look at the iPhone 11′ sides. It is available in colourful finishes just like the XR, these become visible from the side. This time there is a new range of colours. Four of these are updates from last year’s white, black, red and yellow with the addition of minty green and vibrant purple.

The other design changes are on the back. The colour finish is much glossier with camera bump acting as the only exception with its matte finish.

Previously, the iPhone backs featured the Apple logo and the words “iPhone”, “Designed in California” and “Assembled in China” along with the CE graphic and a ‘no recycling’ logo. All of this except the Apple logo has been removed for a much cleaner, more elegant design.

The iPhone 11 feels great to hold. It is surprisingly comfortable despite the large display, even for smaller hands, thanks to the smooth edges.

As an Apple product, the iPhone 11 feature wonderful detailing. All the buttons are carefully crafted to feel great and are colour-matched with the rest of the phone.


Both of the read cameras have 12MP sensors, one wide and one ultra-wide. The iPhone 11 is costs less than the 11 Pro but the Pro comes with a third camera with a telephoto lens.

Two lenses allow portraits to be taken with sharp foregrounds and blurred backgrounds. This was only possible with special software previously. Additionally, there is a new, unique black and white mode that produces eye-catching results.

When taking pictures, the centre of the frame shows the view from the wide lens while the edges show the view from the ultra-wide lens. If you prefer the ultra-wide shot, simply switch to it.

The new night mode automatically triggers in low light environments. It can be turned off but it usually does a great job. It works by taking multiple photos and combining them over the course of about one second.

The camera UI has generally been improved with a new swipe mechanic to show additional menu options.

The selfie camera is now 12MP too. Turning the handset to a landscape position automatically triggers a wider field of view. Apple also introduced slofie (slow-motion selfie) video which shoots video at 120 fps before slowing it down.

Battery Life

Previously, the iPhone XR had the longest battery life and the new model beats it by an hour. It can be expected to last from early morning until night time every day on a full battery and consistent use.

It still requires recharging overnight but this is an improvement on the old models that needed extra help in the middle of the day.


The new processor, A13 Bionic, is much faster than the old one. There is a noticeable improvement in the time taken to launch and use apps. It will easily step up to the more demanding requirements modern developers throw its way.

iPhone 11 Review
iPhone 11 Review


The updated design is a welcome update and is only the first of many improvements. The new camera and extended battery life are the stars of the show and easily justify the upgrade even without the other features like the faster processor. The previous model is still worth a fair amount, so get the best price while you still can by using a comparison site like Sell My Mobile for your old phone to find the best offer.

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