iPhone 8 Front Glass Panel Leaks In High Quality Images !


It’s 2017 & we live in a Smartphone era when smartphone displays are freaking us out in different & exiting ways. Starting from the Galaxy Note Edge, we came a long way to the Galaxy S8. Only not Samsung but, other brands Like Xiaomi & Sharp are also showing their capabilities with devices like the Mi Mix & the Sharp Aquos S2.

Well, we all know that Apple is also coming to this game in late 2017 with their next iPhone. Like everytime, we do have a tons of leaks aligned that almost reveals the next iPhone’s design completely but, this time we got the best look at the Front Glass panel yet. Fresh in the room, have a look at these pictures,


iPhone 8 Front Glass Panel Leaks In High Quality Images

iPhone 8 Front Glass Panel Leaks In High Quality Images


I think it’s over now. No questions anymore about the front design as almost all the leaks are indicating to this particular design approach. Now, the main question is this. What will Apple do with the Fingerprint scanner ? There’s no chance of an Optical Fingerprint Scanner at least for this generation. So, now will it be in the Back or in the Power Button or Apple will ditch it for a 3D Facial Recognition ? I think we need to wait a bit to clear this confusion.

Anyway, what are you guys expecting from Apple this year ? Let us know in the Comments section right below this article !


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