The ” iTop Screen Recorder ” : The Smartest Program of 2022 for Recording of Zoom meetings


Now, this is the 21st century and this is the digital and modern era. Everything is now digital mostly Business works. After the Covid-19, Almost all over the businesses are becoming online like Transportation Business deals, Online shopping, and much more.

Even though all corporate offices are now online. Their meetings are now held on Zoom Platform. As we know, In the online meetings there is no chance of saving any main points of discussion in the meeting. This was an essential issue to resolve. Because, A meeting is not just a talk, It is related to business improvement work.

Then Programmers have developed the smartest program for the use of different purposes. Its name is iTop Screen Recorder. It is a modern and new thing or we can say it is a program to record our screen what is doing on it.It is the number one smartest software of 2022 to record the screen of devices 100 percent efficiently. This screen recorder has many smartest and most efficient features and uses that others don’t have. Here we discuss that how to record zoom meeting

Here we discuss its uses and features:

Features of iTop Recorder

The main and basic slogan of iTop Screen Recorder is the flexibility and limitless possibilities it brings for users. There is no need of worry about the recording of the full screen. Everyone has the option of a particular part of the screen to record.

There is one amazing feature about iTop Screen Recorder is about recording time and lagging when recording HD videos.

It records full screen or a particular region of the screen, offers limitless recording time, and it doesn’t slack while recording HD recordings. Hypnotising, right? However, stand by, on the grounds that the account of iTop Screen Recorder’s elements doesn’t end here. There are additional remarkable elements for your recording.

Gameplay Mode

The iTop Screen Recorder is also a phenomenal tool for gaming enthusiasts. The Game Mode empowers gamers to capture the most enjoyable and highlight game moments they want to capture and save. It is amazing to know that iTop Screen Recorder keeps recording in the background without lagging your game. 

Record the screen with audio

The one more amazing fact of iTop Screen Recorder is that it perfectly records the screen with audio. It records audio including every syllable of the inside background, speaker, and headset.

iTop Screen Recorder: An Online screen recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is an online screen recorder. It is mostly used to record videos from online platforms like youtube, Netflix, etc.

iTop Screen Recorder is a free online screen recorder for everyone. Everybody can record with a free online screen recorder and save video fastly without a watermark.

There are steps for online recording

  • Choose Settings 

Set the audio source and then select the record mode. 3 different modes can be selected,   including “Full-screen recorder”, “software window recorder”, and “browser tab recorder”. For online recording, Choose the browser tab recorder.

  • Start Online Screen Recording

Click the “Recording” button to record the screen online right away. No Download nor installation is needed.

  • Save Video Recordings Online

Click the “Stop” button to stop recording and save online screen recordings to your computer. All screen videos could be saved in “WebM ” format and can be viewed on Windows’ default player.

With this process, A user can easily record live videos. It helps how to record zoom meetings

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