Just Because Comes to a Halt


Just Because Comes to a Halt

Just Because, one of the best and realistic romance anime of this fall season of anime. It is one of my favorite anime of this season and I’m continuously doing its episode review. Great characters, different animation and a good story with a complex but pretty well-handled love triangle. This one is the most realistic romance anime, it shows all the awkwardness and struggle of people who fall in love, Well that being said this series is also having several production issues. Most of us won’t even notice that but Twitter and other forms were filled with complaints about the issue.

Well, there is nothing new for a series to came across production issue but facing the issue at this early stage of the series does feel terrifying. And that not even the worst news, the worst news is that because of the production issue they are unable to release the next episode this week. It will be delayed for another week, which means we have to wait for more to see the next episode.

Now I wish that the bad news would over just here but it didn’t. As the Just because team is running way behind the schedule and they don’t even have the storyboard prepared for the next episodes.

I love this series because I kind of relate myself to everything that is going around. I kind of had the same kind of love story when I was in high school and I was loving this series. but now after hearing that news I just felt so bad and I know most of you are also feeling the same.


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