Getting Instagram followers is not as easy as it might appear to be. Prima facie it’s all about nourishing your account’s growth and  investing time and efforts on a regular basis. Given the fact that it’s a tough nut to crack, many websites claiming to provide free Instagram followers have surfaced. Most of them are fraud and ask for monetary considerations.

Kicksta has brought a whole new dimension to this domain, Kicksta is a service that ponders to assist brands and individuals enabling them to gain real instagram followers, thus empowering them to make more connections, create more links for appointments which can consequently lead to paid partnerships and sales revenue. All over it’s a win-win situation for a person aspiring to build a trade business on social media or an influencer or a new brand that wants to target a specific audience.

For instance few brands require social media proof before they launch into promoting or advertising their commodities. Boom ‘kicksta’ which even without contravening Instagram’s terms of service serves as an automated tool, authorizing its users gain followers at a speedy stride.  Kicksta does not comment on your posts and as far as guaranteeing a certain number of followers goes, the answer is the same no.


We generation z, probably are hemmed in social media marketing and a massive amount of alike brands. A rather organic growth can be experienced through kicksta which is nothing but an Instagram growth service. Users of kicksta shared a preferably positive experience with it describing it as helpful based on the engagement they drive, most of which cannot be done by oneself.

Kicksta won’t help you gain followers for growth; it would rather help you build connections instead of those tools that perpetrate on Instagram accounts of a brand by offering fake followers. No concept of imparting ghost followers to clients who never take part in interaction and then vanish after Instagram deletes such bot accounts, subsequently to its regular clear-outs. Users shared their personal experiences, where they entered targets and tracked their progress, people noticed targeting usernames of various Instagram accounts worked better than hashtags of similar nature. Kicksta upgraded on their performance with tiny icons placed adjacent to their targets.

Once the target is done with Kicksta inform them about the same so that they can move on to the next. They also received a weekly report on their performances along with advice to maximize growth from the Customer Success Manager.


It is an automated service offered to individuals and brands to supercharge their growth on Instagram accounts consequently to the launch of a new product or promotion of it. This growth service tool has an altogether different perspective on growth when compared to its competitors. It is believed to be one of the heftiest tools in the market owing to the fact that it has never used spam, fake followers, bots, etc. a natural account growth via targets and various other techniques powered by artificial intelligence. It has been also described as ‘the best automation’ by its users.


  • Kicksta wields a quick sign up procedure, you have to keep upgrading them on the type of accounts that you are planning to target to accelerate the pace of your business online
  • Kicksta doesn’t follow the accounts rather what it does, is that it focuses on the users following the interested accounts.
  • Kicksta doesn’t violate any community guidelines, the one thing users question the most about while using any growth service provider, and here is where kicksta outshines its competitors as it takes advantage of the loopholes to fulfil its purpose.
  • Nevertheless Kicksta is automated, it resembles ‘human activity’ while liking photos and in a frequency in accordance with the guidelines.
  • There is no purchase of fake followers service on Kicksta. People may choose to follow or not to follow the Kicksta client, after they see the engagement of the client but no guarantees.

kicksta pricing details:

Kicksta currently has two plans, the creative one costing 49$ / month and the professional one costing 99$ / month. The creative one incorporates moderate growth while the professional one encompasses maximum growth with 1000 photo likes and 1500 photo likes respectively. Smart filters to abolish fake and inappropriate accounts, video onboarding and 10 targets are offered by creative plan. Gender targeting, hashtag targeting, location targeting, black listing, 40 targets and E mail and live chat support are overturned by the professional plan. Kicksta does extend a full money back guarantee for a duration of 14 days.


  • Real followers are acquired by its users, since the followers by their will after analysing the user’s engagement, choose to follow him.
  • Consent is there and users are also secure since there are no fake followers.
  • Reception of a greater engagement shall be seen on posts of yours, once you have done the same with the accounts that you have been recommended for.
  • Streamlining the people/content of your interest will enable you to engage and target people of a certain type hence avoiding all kinds of unnecessary engagement with people uncalled for. Customer and caters to needs of users.


  • Though there’s no such purchase of fake followers or bots or any kind of scamming but there’s always a risk of privacy theft, though we are yet to notice any such occurrence, still we cannot rule out the possibility.
  • Kicksta offers a 14 day free trial of the service provider, but before signing in one must fill up the credit card details.
  • Lack of control of the users over the likes, Kicksta does on their behalf also comes off as a big turn off.
  • The dashboard fails to show information relating to the accounts that followed you, it only provides the numbers not the usernames of those followers.


For various cautious or risk fearing brands and individuals with national and international audiences, kicksta serves the best. A  person targeting local or domestic audiences won’t be much attracted towards kicksta since local or nearby targets exhaust swiftly. It is basically a very optimum tool for someone with long term efforts as he can keep the app running in the background supplementary to the organic audience’s growth ventures.

It is secure but what flicks off the people is the unforeseeable growth. The accounts that regale to your interests may not be genuine Instagram users, since kicksta likes only one to two photos or posts from followers on accounts that you have targeted, you have to be certain of the fact that the target accounts are legit and active on the platform, otherwise it’s a waste of your time and energy.

We have gone under the skins of Kicksta and are in a position to give it a 4/5 rating based on our evaluation.

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