7 Things to Know About Auto Rental Companies in Spania (Spain)

Auto Rental Companies in Spania

Renting an automobile turns out to be a better decision in certain situations. There are several reasons for this and residents and visitors in Spain are realizing this.

This is why the patronage these auto rental companies have is increasing by the day. Well, the quality of their services also explains why this is the case.

Some of the benefits of renting an automobile include that it is a cost-saving approach, better insurance coverage, and little or no insurance involved. There are a lot more benefits than these, to be frank. For more on this subject, you can read this.

But renting an automobile comes with certain responsibilities other than payment. You need to understand and play by these rules to avoid complications.

Many of these auto rental companies need you to understand this and we will shed light on this subject here. We strongly suggest that you keep reading so that you understand how to avoid the possible complications.

Some Rules Auto Rental Companies Want You to Know and Abide By


There are rules attached to using a rented automobile. Some of these rules are general as mandated by regulatory bodies while some are internal policies by most rental companies. Some of the common ones these rental companies need you to be aware of include the following:


To secure other road users, regulatory bodies are very particular about the maturity of the person behind the wheel in this country. As a member of the European Union and subject to rules formulated by this organization, 18 years is the ideal age limit for applying for a driver’s license.

But most rental service providers are not going to trust their vehicles to an 18-year-old person. Most of them have an added age limit of 21 years. Some even go as far as 23 and even 25. The whole point is to make sure the person renting and using the vehicle is mature enough.

You should also know that some of them have increased charges for people around the early 20s age bracket. This is probably because people in this age bracket show tendencies that warrant this. So, you need to know the rental company’s policy as regards age before ending up with them.

Tourist’s Renting an Automobile

Various parts of Spain see people from various parts of the world come for tourism. The helpful weather conditions; diverse and interesting arts, and culture; beautiful places; breathtaking beaches; are just a few reasons for this.

Foreigners need to move around and they should know that they can rent a vehicle for this purpose. This will afford them the convenience they deserve and the opportunity to properly explore the nation.

However, there are requirements and this depends on where they come from. People that come from European Union territories have very little to worry about. This is because an European Union’s driver’s license is their pass.

But people from territories outside the EU will need more than their driver’s license. Among other things, they have to get an internationally recognized driver’s permit. But that being said, tourists and foreigners can rent a vehicle in Spain.

The Right-hand Side of the Road

This point is majorly for tourists and foreigners planning on renting a vehicle in this country. This is because they need to be aware of the possible differences in traffic practices compared to where they come from.

Driving on the right-hand side of the road is the usual thing in Spain. Although this is the case in most parts of the world, there are exemptions. This is why those, especially from these areas need to be aware of the practice here.

People from places like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, and Malta need to pay particular attention. This is because these places and several others have the traffic practice of driving on the left-hand side of the road.

The Situation with Mobile Phones

Technology is a good thing but it could become a nightmare when it is not used appropriately. This is why regulatory bodies here insist that the use of mobile phones is prohibited the moment the engine is turned on.

This is except it is hands-off. It is a rule that these auto rental companies need you to understand and obey. This is to avoid complications such as a road accident or being pulled over by a cop.

Seat Belt Is Mandatory for Passengers and Drivers  

Generally speaking, this should not be a problem for residents and tourists alike. This is because it is the practice in virtually every part of the world.

But as common and important as this law is, many people still get issued tickets and apprehended for violating this simple rule. Auto rental companies need their clients to understand the importance of obeying this rule and to obey it.

It is also important that clients with kids that use rented vehicles also use equipment that guarantees the safety of the kids while on the move. Other than this, the kids should not be allowed to sit near the vehicle’s airbag.

Possibility of Delivering the Vehicle in Another Location

Some of these rental companies have expanded the frontiers of their business and are situated in other places. As a result of this, you are not mandated to return the vehicle to the spot you picked it up initially. You can just drop it off at one of their bases close to where you are.

Even some rental companies that are not widely spread offer this service. They sometimes liaise with owners of certain locations to have custody of their vehicle in the meantime.

However, you should know that this service usually costs more because of the added convenience. This is also because of the need to move the vehicle back to the original spot. You need to ask whether or not the rental service provider offers this service to their clients and the terms and conditions.

Adhering to Speed Limits

These service providers need you to move within the approved speed limit. This is to ensure that accidents are avoided and that you do not get on the wrong side of the law.

You should know that the speed limits differ and this depends on the kind of road you are plying. But generally, the limits are more for towns and cities than for major roads and highways.

You are also allowed to move a lot faster on highways than on major roads. You can check out goautos Spania for more information about this.

Wrap Up


We have shed light on some of the things that auto rental companies in Spain need their clients to know about driving in this country and their services. You are advised to ask more questions and get answers from your auto rental company. This is so that you would play by the rules and avoid complications.

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