All You Need To Know About Branding And Business


Branding And Business

Whether it’s a small business or a well established business, branding is one of the most important things entrepreneurs should pay attention to. Branding affects several aspects of the business including the employees, customers and the company itself. Having a good branding strategy is as important as having a business strategy.

But first of all, what does branding mean? Branding is how customers recognise a business. It is a marketing practice that builds trust in customers’ minds. It reflects the image of a company and shows the reputation in the market. In short, branding is everything a business requires for its growth.

Benefits Of Branding

An effective branding strategy can boost the revenue of your company by 30%. It may seem that branding is all about attracting customers, but it’s not all true. A well-branded company shows a good effect on customers as well as the employees.

When it comes to brand, employees are often overlooked. It is important that every entrepreneur should know that the staff working at the back end decides how your company is going to look at the front end. Employees working in a reputed branded company are more loyal and contribute more to the growth of the company.  Genuinely happy staff always attracts more customers naturally.

Branding has a direct effect on customers. A brand builds trust and relations between the company and the customer. Businesses like Amazon are well established as a big brand and any service offered by them influences and attracts their consumers immediately. That’s why it is very much important for a business to be well known as a brand.

Effective Branding Methods

Here are the top 5 branding methods you should consider to brand your company.

Logo – Identity Of The Brand

The logo is an Identity and visual representation of your brand. It is the first thing customers interact with. Make a unique logo that will match your company’s objective. Choose proper colours for your logo as colour is the primary factor that catches attention. Hire graphic designers and collect a few samples as per your need and choose the one which best suits your brand. You can check out companies like DesignCrowd to get your first custom logo made by professional designers.

Make A Slogan

A short and catchy slogan can be a strong impression on your customers. The slog should clearly express the motive of the brand. Sometimes people remember the brand by their popular slogans like “Just Do It” from Nike.

Use this slogan or tagline under your social media handles like Twitter bio, on your website,  on packages of product, or even on your electronic business card. You can change these slogans as per current market trends, unlike your brand name and logo.

Decide The Brand Name  

Brand name doesn’t necessarily have to be related to product or service. You can keep an obvious name related to your product or a fancy, catchy name like Pepsi. Your brand name is associated with everything about your company, that’s why you should be careful while selecting one. It should go well with your company’s personality. Your brand name is directly associated with the logo and website of your company, therefore choose a name considering these factors. a successful brand marketing companies is something beyond an innovative office or promoting firm that utilizes realistic and logo originators.

Choose The Colour Scheme 

Visual representation of the brand is the most important factor as human psychology is linked here. Randomly choosing colours you like is probably not the best way to go with. The colour scheme you will go with will be conveying your emotions and the category of the brand. Use colour schemes to make your customers see what you want to convey. You can check out how colour schemes affect emotions on the internet.

Choose Your Font

Fonts are totally for the purpose of looks and aesthetics. Do not use more than two or three fonts to avoid confusion. Follow the same font pattern throughout your website. Yous one distinctive font for headers and a plain font for the rest of the page. You can use italics and bolds when needed but do not use them unnecessarily.

The above mentioned factors will help you to create a strong positive impression in people’s minds. Though branding is not just about logos and slogans, be consistent while engaging with your customers which will help you gain their trust even further.  

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