Kochi Places that Will Make Your Day


Kochi Places

No journey to Kerala can be complete without a visit to Kochi, for it is, the real essence of Kerala. You know what, it is even known as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’, as it was a crucial spice trading centre in the fourteenth century India, Kochi is a wonderful city that will take your breath away.  Having manifold captivating attractions in a single city leaves you with plentiful options to visit on a trip.

You can easily go to Ibis Kochi city centre and from there you can easily get transportation services. And even if you are going there by your car, you will easily find the ways to go to different spots in the city. Here are some amazing places that you would definitely love to visit. Have a look at some places right away.

Cherai Beach, Kochi

As a traveler or outsider , a trip to Kochi will simply be incomplete  for you if the best beaches remain unexplored. As it is one of the finest coastal regions in the country, you can easily check out some of the most beautiful beaches such as Cherai Beach, which is nearly twenty kilometers from downtown Kochi. It is one of the cleanest and stunning looking beaches that you will find. Sit around and watch the sparkling sunrise, or sunsets in the orange skyline, and find the hidden charm of the seashore and the peace that follows with the waves and motion of the dancing, dashing sea waves.

It would not be wrong to say that this beach is one of the most visited beaches in the Kochi, it is surely immaculate and serene location stretching up to an area of 10 km.  You know here the water body is remote from the backwaters by a narrow strip of land and is a perfect spot to relax and experience the Chinese fishing nets or the Cheena Vala. Cherai Beach is a main spot for photographers as the seashells, golden sand, calm waters, and the fishing boats make up a lovely landscape. You can make the most of this spot during the sunrise and sunset, the shacks nearby offers refreshing coconut water and food. In case you are lucky enough, you may even spot dolphin in the area.

Santa Cruz Basilica, Kochi

One of the most ancient and major attractions among Kochi tourist places, the Santa Cruz Basilica, was established by the Portuguese in the year 1505 and is one of the eight Basilicas in India.  Moreover, it presently stands as the Cathedral of the Diocese of Cochin. The stunning Gothic architecture of the church, more than 500 years old, has a specific type of grandeur owing to its pastel-shaded interior and paintings of historical significance.

The Italian painter Antonio Moscheni and his disciple De Gama of Bangalore were the power behind this. A painting you must surely look out for is Moscheni’s imitation of Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’, it is a sight you are never going to forget. You will enjoy it thoroughly. You can visit this spot between 7am to 6:30pm. This amazing church is visited by folks from all faiths and groups. The stunning woodwork and immersive altar are a couple of sights that you would not experience in any church throughout the country.

Mattancherry Palace

Mattancherry Palace, even known as the Dutch palace was constructed by the Portuguese in the year 155

5. Portuguese originally constructed this an art palace to show their gratitude to Verra Kerala Varma, who was the King of Kochi back then. In 1663, it was entirely renovated and extended by the Dutch. This splendid palace shows a wonderful blend of both cultures and is one of the infrequent monuments built out of respect and gratitude. Once you visit there, you would end up praising its amazing artefact and charm.

Explore the Fishing nets

You know what, Kochi is a land packed with trade close to the sea, making fish one of its chief exports. Undoubtedly one of the greatest sights to see here is a fishing net being cast in the waters of Kochi. Through this trip, you not only explore one of the chief pillars of Kochi-Culture but even experience the simple charm of the Fishing trade.

Marine Drive, Kochi

It may impress you that Marine Drive is one of the most famous hangout places in Kochi. It’s also one of the finest places to visit in Kochi at night. Couples often drop in here for the well-known boat rides, which take them to diverse other tourist destinations, like that of Mattancherry Jewish Synagogue, and so on.

There are three amazing bridges, namely the Rainbow Bridge, The Houseboat Bridge, and even Chinese Fishing Net Bridge, which are situated on this promenade, showing exceptional architecture. Many famous eating joints are sprinkled along the path. An ideal place for you to spend time at with your dear ones or even on your own. Of course, you can spot some amazing sites here. And you can even take some wonderful pictures if you love to have your own gallery.

Jew Town, Kochi

The most well-known spot for shopping in Kochi, especially for antiques, Jew Town is even known as the ‘last Jew Town’ for the last remaining Jews of this area of Cochin. It’s believed that the first of the Jews who lived near Cochin can trace their lineage back to King Solomon. It now includes varied shops selling carved furniture, antique clocks, prayer shawls, art, and a lot more. The moreover, you know the  Synagogue or the Paradesi Synagogue is the most well-known fascination of this place. Of course, you would have a good time exploring this area once you are there. You would even get to know about things that are unique and really beautiful.


So, you can easily go to any place from Ibis Kochi city centre to other places once you are therein Kochi. After all, the area has amazing spots for you to explore. After all, this place surely deserves a visit by you. You would surely have a great experience once you are there.

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