Laptop Maintenance Tips To Drastically Improve Performance

Laptop Maintenance Tips
Laptop Maintenance Tips

It is very convenient to use a laptop when you are active and you are not tied to the desk for work. Numerous people enjoy this convenience from entrepreneurs to students.

Fortunately, there are countless great laptops on the market that are very powerful and that can get the job done. However, just like any computer, you need to properly take care of the laptop or it will not work as it should. In fact, with all laptops, ranging from refurbished ones from Peach Stores or very expensive ones bought right from the manufacturers, more maintenance is needed.

If you want to improve the performance of your laptop and keep it running at the right parameters, here are some tips you have to remember:

  • When you need to travel, remove all DVDs, thumb drives, and CDs. Make sure they are protected and turn your laptop off. Do not leave it in standby or sleep mode.
  • Temperature swings and extreme temperatures will negatively impact the laptop. When you recently brought the unit indoors and the outside air is cold, you have to turn it on only after it managed to warm up. It is better to turn on your laptop only when it is at room temperature. The exact opposite also applies.
  • The screen of your notebook is very fragile because it can easily be damaged and cracked. Only use appropriate solutions and monitor wipes when you clean it. Also, do not touch screens with pointers or pens that are capable of scratching the surface.
  • Never put the laptop close to any appliance that uses a stronger magnetic field. This includes large speakers, high-tech refrigerators, and TV sets. Also, the cellphone should not be placed on top of the unit as both are turned on.
  • The lid of your laptop should be kept closed. Do this as often as you can so that you can limit how much dust reaches the keyboard. At the same time, this prevents your keyboard from affected by accidental coffee spills and helps to save battery life. One thing that you might not know is that one of the main reasons why laptop damage happens is the accidental coffee spill.
  • A laptop will easily overheat, much faster than the desktop computer does. Because of this, you need to never place it on a pillow, blanket, or a non-flat surface that prevents the existence of sufficient ventilation.
  • Always be careful when you pick up the laptop to set it down again. The portability aspect can easily work against the device. Then, do not take it to a beach so you might risk sand from entering it. Basically, you want to be extra careful when you place it anywhere.
  • Last but not least, you need to set up proper passwords for laptop access. They have to be complex and really difficult to crack.
  • Install the right software that will help you to protect your unit from anything that could damage it. You absolutely need to have a firewall installed or an antivirus program that would be capable of removing unwanted threats. If you use the internet a lot, software with added internet browsing protection is a good idea.

On the whole, laptop maintenance is not as difficult as it seems. By simply following the advice above you will drastically reduce the possibility you will have problems with the laptop. Also, make sure that you read all the information that the manufacturer offers when it comes to warranty. This is because the warranty will help you a lot in the event that something unwanted happens. Do not do anything that would make the warranty void.

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