Learn Why Artificial Intelligence Attracts Giants


Learn Why Artificial Intelligence Attracts Giants

Large companies from the most diverse segments have announced the purchase of startups in this segment, why is this happening?

Retail, food, technology, and consumer giants have all announced investments in artificial intelligence. For those who don’t know, this is a technology that mimics human intelligence through powerful programs and machines. But why do companies in the most diverse fields bet on this technology? This technology also began to be applied by several watch companies and did not rule out the possibility of luxury watch manufacturers such as Rolex or Breguet.

Eber Gustavo de Lima, the market leader of Watson Marketing, IBM, has provided instructions. “The difference today is understanding the entire customer buying experience. Because the better your experience, the more you will buy (buy) with the brand,” he said. Therefore, with artificial intelligence, it is possible to know customers closely and personalize communication. That is, one can even know the time that clients are more likely to interact with brands.


This, for example, is McDonald’s fast-food chain strategy. According to Business Insider, McDonald’s has purchased Dynamic Yield, an Israeli company that uses artificial intelligence to give consumers a personalized experience. The idea is to use technology to adapt items that are displayed on the menu board in supermarkets based on weather conditions, movements and time. In addition, I will also recommend additional items based on the customer’s initial order.


Samsung South Korea also seeks to improve its products by getting to know customers. According to a report in The Investor newspaper, electronics makers acquired Egyptian startup Kngine, which specializes in artificial intelligence and in-depth learning projects in October last year. Therefore, the Asian brand intends to use Kngine’s experience and tools to improve Bixby 2.0, which will be the first major update of his personal assistant. In addition to this acquisition, Samsung also recently entered Fluency startup (which developed a chatbot solution for services in general), invested in Reactor Labs (which also works with IA) and hired Larry Heck, a respected engineer who has helped both in development Cortana.


Last year, Google bought DeepMind, an artificial intelligence company based in London. Among DeepMind products is a product recommendation system for online stores. But the company also developed solutions for simulators and games. According to Tecnoblog, Google CEO Larry Page said the intent of the acquisition is to bring DeepMind’s talents to the Mountain View company. Recode sources say DeepMind has at least 50 employees and would be the last major company yet independent with a strong focus on artificial intelligence.


According to CanalTech, Facebook also acquired a company from the branch, GrokStyle. The company, a San Francisco startup, uses artificial intelligence to help users shop for furniture.

Numerous other examples can be mentioned, such as Blackberry, Mastercard, Apple, Intel, Microsoft. They all made similar moves. And they seek, among other things, a differential to stand out in the market in which they act.

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