Lenticular printing and its benefits for businesses

Lenticular printing
Lenticular printing

Lenticular printing is a kind of technology that includes the use of lenticular lenses for producing printed images with a proper depth illusion. Lenticular technology allows you to make the best use of your printing equipment and helps you stand out from your competitors. The common names that are being used for lenticular prints are tilt cards, flickers, and also the wiggle pictures.

The three effects that best lenticular card printing involves are animation, 3D depth, and flip. This is the most unique printing style and is the only one that includes printing on clear plastic with a wide collection of optical lenses around. In lenticular printing, the images are viewed using an optical lens on the front but actually, these get printed on the backside of the film. This is what creates the moving image. This type of printing is best for businesses and brand promotions as it attracts people.

The lenticular printing has the ability to create some brilliant looking effects like the 3D depth, illusion of motion, zooming effect, and a lot more. This is a perfect way to promote your brand as it is amazingly attractive for the customers. The reason for which most of the reputed business organizations always use lenticular printing techniques for marketing their services and products is that this type of printing creates a stunning effect that definitely grabs the attention of almost everyone and stands out in the crowd.

The way lenticular printing works

In the process of creating lenticular prints, a piece of clear plastic is used. This plastic gets extruded into a lens, which is available in a wide variety of styles and variations. Now the length style and variation depends upon the kind of effect that is required at the end. The use of lenses also depends upon the distance from which the print is required to be viewed.

Eye catcher

This is a proven fact that lenticular prints grab the attention of people. These types of prints work best to attract more people in comparison to what a normal print can do. With the 3D effects technique, a business message can be presented in front of the customers in a creative and attractive way.

If your printed advertisement for the brand will be viewed from different angles, then lenticular printing is the best option you should go with. This is because the lenticular prints work amazing when viewed from different angles. This printing style engages the viewers as they spend more time interacting with the 3D print. This technique of advertising your business and product will boost brand recognition.

Have a look at a few benefits of using lenticular printing for business:

  • This is a proven fact that the readers will definitely be engaged more with the lenticular prints and will spend more time reading the advertisement than any other thing.
  • Research has shown that more people get attracted to lenticular prints and spend almost 90 per cent more time than watching any other advertisement.
  • A dimensional graphic with 3D effects works great when it comes to business promotions. This technique of advertising your products and services will definitely work great.

In the present competitive world, it is extremely important to stand out in the crowd. No matter what kind of products and services you have, it has to be perfect when advertised. Now, this purpose can easily be solved with the use of lenticular printing services. Since a consumer primarily gets attracted by the packaging of a product, most of the brands now try hard to get an eye-catching outer package design of the product. However, when everybody is trying to attract customers with an amazing packaging of the product, then it’s time to do something different by making use of lenticular printing technique.

The lenticular technology

This kind of technology in the print industry is getting popular with each passing day. It has been noticed that the cards that have been made by lenticular 3D printing attract customers in an amazing way. The customers get forced to grab the card and have a look at the brand advertisement given on top. This uniqueness makes the person remember the brand. In the early times, there could be only three images used on the lenticular prints, but at present, technology has made it possible for lenticular printing to hold multiple images. Creating these kinds of prints is an extremely creative work that requires experts to get done with the process.

Therefore, if you are in search of the best lenticular printing service, then you can quickly get started with an online search for the same. You will definitely be served with multiple options but you need to be very careful while choosing your printing partner as it is a matter of the image of your brand.