Looking to Do Your Brows in Dubai? The Definitive Guide


Brows in Dubai

It has become increasingly difficult to set aside time to look your absolute best with the day-to-day bustle of life. However, looking good and sharp plays an important role in almost every aspect of life – including job interviews, a party, or even a small get together with friends. For people who are busy juggling different things together or do not feel the time to dedicate any effort to their makeup, the concept of permanent and semi-permanent makeup is a huge opportunity.

Maris Beauty & Academy was founded by Mari Santos, a huge believer in making a difference in her clients’ lives. She works to make the world a better place where people are respectful of all kinds of beauty and style. That is why Mari has made a range of beauty products and treatments to assist the busy women out there. With sheer dedication and hard work, the clinic has managed to become a huge name in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates. The products and the treatments facilitated by the clinic are of an unmatched level. The brand has now grown into a stand-alone clinic with a team of professional experts. Maris Beauty & Academy is the center to do your brows in Dubai.

Advantages of permanent makeup

The topic of permanent makeup has a lot of mixed reviews. While it is fair to admit that not everyone is big on the concept, permanent makeup is getting a lot of attention these days. Like everything else, there are certain pros and cons of permanent and semi-permanent makeup. However, the pros consistently outweigh the cons, and thus, permanent makeup manages to become prevalent in today’s world. Here is a curated list of the benefits of permanent makeup.

  • Zero Maintenance: This is one of the biggest benefits of permanent makeup. Ordinary makeup can be waterproof and smudge-proof, but it can still be susceptible to smearing. Permanent makeup, on the other hand, is very sustainable. You can take a dip in the pool or run a marathon, and nothing is going to ruin your look.
  • Time-efficient: One of the many reasons people ‘opt for permanent makeup is to save more time than usual. You might be a busy person, with hardly any time to spare. You might also be completely uninterested in spending time applying makeup now and then. If either of these applies to you, then the concept of permanent makeup truly is for you. You do not have to utilize a big chunk of your busy schedule to apply makeup every time you go out. With the advent of cosmetic tattooing, now you can easily wake up and go out of the door and still look as sharp as ever. You also do not need to spend time scrubbing away the makeup at the end of the day. Now, you can get a full night’s sleep, look good as ever, and still be on time for every event or meetup!
  • Prevents allergies: Allergies can be a real hindrance! It is frustrating if applying makeup leads to allergic reactions. However, you do not have to stop applying makeup to take a break from these reactions. Permanent makeup is very beneficial in this case. It helps you save time and effort and saves you from allergic reactions like sore throat and other allergic factors. Now, you can get that sharp and beautiful look without compromising your health.
  • Cost-effective: The price of makeup is rising daily. If you are someone who wears makeup every single day, then you are spending thousands of dollars every year on makeup. With the help of permanent makeup, you can forego the timely expenses now and then. It is generally a one-time process with touch-ups every few years. The duration of the touch-ups depends on what features would you like to be tattooed. Permanent makeup helps in the significant improvement of your budget without compromising on your looks and style.
  • Assistance with impairments: This is something of a huge deal regarding the benefits of resorting to permanent makeup. There are many conditions – such as arthritis, impaired motor skills, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis, among many others – that makes it different for people to go through the everyday makeup process. In that case, getting permanent makeup done is a great way to look sharp and beautiful at all times. After all, every single person deserves to look and feel their best. With the help of cosmetic tattooing, you would be enabling yourself to look better in the long run without having to worry about the nitty-gritty details of involving time and money.

Final Take

Putting on everyday makeup can be a bit of a hassle. Why waste time and effort when you have an opportunity to minimize it? Permanent makeup is a great way to look good while spending little to no time preparing for it every day.

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