How to Manage a Proximity Cloud 


The clever people at Beeks have created an incredible, low-latency environment giving you immediate access to trading infrastructure around the world. 

They have called this the Proximity Cloud. 

Beeks is a provider of Analytics, Connectivity, and Cloud Computing in global capital markets. Their mission is to optimize performance and ensure security in the capital markets sector by delivering ultra-low latency computing power. 

That’s a lot of terminology in a few small sentences. 

Before we get completely overwhelmed, let’s take a minute and unpack some of these terms. We can get a better understanding of what we’re looking at, and why a proximity cloud is an intelligent step for your financial business to take.

What is a Proximity Cloud? 

A Proximity Cloud is a physical box, made by Beeks, that is delivered to the site in a stand-alone box. That is what is meant when you hear that the proximity cloud comes “with a pre-built rack” that can be sent anywhere in the world. 

This box creates what is known as a low latency environment, specifically designed for trading in capital markets, giving you immediate access to trading infrastructure. It is also a private cloud environment, meaning that it works only within your internal networks. 

Benefits of the Proximity Cloud include:

  • It is specifically designed for Financial Markets 
  • It is a pre-built, plug-and-play solution that is simple to operate
  • It has a high level of location flexibility and can be set up anywhere your markets are 
  • It is able to be easily integrated with your company’s evolving needs 
  • The Proximity Cloud comes with optimized engineering support as you need it 
  • There is a commercial benefit with Beeks monthly subscription model 

Right, let’s unpack that a bit more view details.

What does Low Latency mean? 

Low Latency refers to a computer network that is optimized to process a very high volume of data and information with very little to no delay involved. That is what the term “Low Latency” actually means; low delay. 

These computer networks are designed for environments that need real-time data transfer in order to function effectively, such as the financial networks created by the Proximity Cloud from Beeks, and the capital markets they service. 

What is a Capital Market? 

A Capital Market is a market that trades in capital. 

In more simplistic terms, a capital market is a space where buyers and sellers trade in capital goods and financial securities, like bonds and stocks. There are primary and secondary markets within this capital market, and all can benefit from the trading infrastructure and security of a system like Proximity Cloud. 

Data in the Cloud, but Your Head’s on the Ground. 

In the fast-moving world of capital market trading, having an easily accessible cloud network at your finger-tips could be the difference between a successful trade and not. 

The Proximity Cloud from Beeks is an intelligent solution for all financial trading needs. It is low latency, high security, and completely portable, making it accessible from any platform that you work with. 

The power of the cloud is growing day on day, and the Proximity Cloud is at the forefront of this evolution. 


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