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I am a very big fan of Mangas & hence want to read them as soon as the new one is out. In my free hours I unlock my Smartphone & start looking out for new releases on my Manga 360 app. Manga 360 is a free manga app, created by Squarebit Studio that gives you a easy navigate to the Manga series & read the latest and old releases. They mostly have all Manga series in their Database, which give you a wide range to access & explore more.

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Basic Features:

Here Let’s see what this app offers to you:

  • Unified Library: 

Manag 360 has a huge Manga database and they have placed it in such an order that you can easily access to the Manga series you like. The libraries are arranged according to the Manga category, hence navigation becomes easier. Once you go to library you can you can search the Manga according to alphabets.

  • Easy Search: 

This is one of many features that I personally liked in this Manga app. Searching for Manga series is really easy & fast. Not only that, you can also search depending on the localized title.

  • Download:

One of the coolest feature is download. You can download the latest/previous chapter for later use. To download the Manga series you just have to go to the Anime & then click the download icon at the top right. Once clicked you can select the Manga chapter you want to download.  You can check your download at the menu bar when you tap your right.

  • Discuss:

Yes! you can discuss about the latest chapter on this app. Not only that, you can also share your favourite chapter in this app.

  • Favorite: 

If you have liked any new Manga series, then you can tap on the favourite icon. This will save that particular Manga series into your favourite list, so that you can read the new release of that Manga.


You must know the settings of this app once you have installed it successfully. Let’s see the settings in detail.

  • View Tutorial:

This is the first thing that you will see, when you tap on settings option in the app. Here you will have all the basic of how to use this app. Please see the images to know the tutorials setting in detail.

  • Support E-mail:

If you have any issue with this app or if you want to ask anything related to the app, this is where you have  to tap.

  • About Squarebit. 

This is nothing but a detail about the company. There is nothing much to care about this.

  • Interface Language: 

Currently this app only support 3 Interface language i.e. English, Tiếng Việt & Italiano. You can change the language of this app’s interface according to your reading comfort. As there are just 3 language support, I guess we might see more on the upcoming version of this app.

  • Preferred Manga Language:

If you want to read Manga apart from English, then this section in the setting will help you. Currently they only support 9 languages that are, English, Tiếng Việt, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, PycckNÑ, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais & Portuguese.

  • Theme:

You can change the theme of your app depending on what you like to have. For free versions there are just two i.e. Default & Dark. But, if you have a pro version, then you can try Midnight Blue.

  • Download 

There are two download options. First option asks you to download the app via WiFi & the second option is about download the image quality. You can also download images from this app with a download option of Original, Optimized, Medium & Low.

  • Cache Storage: 

It might happen several times that your app might get slow, so in that case you can go to settings-> Cache Storage and then clear cache. This helps you to enjoy all the latest manage with any hazzle.

  • Download Storage: 

At Download Storage, you can see the number of KB that you have downloaded, and if you want to delete any manga, then you can do the same from here.

I personally call this app an anti boring app that allows you to pass your time.

Download Manga 360 For iOS

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  1. Thanks for reviewing our app. We are glad that it has been useful and fun for a lot of users like you.

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