Top Perks of Taking Microsoft MD-100 Certification Exam That You Should Keep in Mind


Microsoft conducts several exams and offers certifications in various areas to upskill and validate the knowledge of individuals. The MD-100: Windows 10 exam measures the ability of an individual to manage, deploy, configure, and maintain Windows 10 so the candidate must be familiar with managing and configuring non-Windows devices as well as technologies. Admittedly, Windows is the most renowned operating system with billions of users around the world, and thus, getting accredited in such a field is a wise step. To do so, pass the MD-100 exam that is one of the requirements for obtaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification. The final step in becoming Microsoft Certifications Exams is clearing the MD-101 exam. Anyway, have you been wondering if the MD-100 test is the right fit for you? If so, here are the top reasons why you should take an actual evaluation like this:

Microsoft MD-100

  • Windows is the most popular operating system

The Microsoft Windows operating system is used in almost all companies around the world. Thus, passing the MD-100 exam demonstrates an individual’s competency in configuring and administering Windows 10. Besides, candidates will be able to easily find jobs in any company and industry. For example, some of the positions candidates can apply for include Systems Administrator, Windows Administrator, IT Specialist, Network Administrator, IT Executive, and IT Manager.

  • Obtain a world-recognized qualification

Microsoft exams are widely recognized in the IT industry because of their stellar reputation. Upon passing the MD-100 evaluation, candidates are awarded a Microsoft certificate that can be included in their resumes and shared on social media. This qualification will certainly draw the attention of employers and hiring managers, and hence increase an individual’s chances of employability.

  • Validate your knowledge and skills

One of the main benefits of the official MD-100 certification exam is that it provides the opportunity for candidates to verify their skills and knowledge. In particular, such an exam confirms an individual’s ability to maintain and deploy Windows, manage data alongside devices, and set up connectivity as well as storage. 

  • Opportunity for growth

The MD-100 test offers plenty of opportunities for Microsoft Certifications. As said before, it takes you one step closer to achieving the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification. Furthermore, such an evaluation serves as a foundation for many other designations. Therefore, the knowledge gained through the exam can be used to align your career in any direction. 

  • Higher salary potential

Apparently, the completion of this test provides candidates an opportunity to earn a higher salary. Quite often, companies prefer employing qualified professionals over their unqualified counterparts. And as candidates obtain more certifications and climb the corporate ladder, they become entitled to higher salaries and increased benefits. To illustrate this, a certified Desktop Administrator can claim an annual salary of $70k as said by


The Microsoft MD-100 certification exam is an associate-level evaluation that is designed for anyone interested in joining the IT workforce. Usually, such a test provides several benefits to both individuals and companies. Particularly, it acts as a stepping stone for more specialized designations and helps individuals expand their career options. So, if you are interested in starting or sustaining a career in one of the most lucrative and fastest-growing fields in the world, an exam like this is your key to success.

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