More And More Apps Will Soon Start Taking Advantage Of The iPhone X Notch Design !


The iPhone X is the first iPhone to have that Full Screen design but, it has to keep the notch where it has all the important sensors & the Front Facing Camera associated. But, that thing occupies some screen area which made that weired shape of the screen. Though Apple’s own apps & some third party apps can Fit themselves accordingly to that shape but, many apps still end up showing a black bars on both sides. So, Apple is trying to Omit this issue with the third (current) beta update of the iOS 11.2 .


More And More Apps Will Soon Start Taking Advantage Of The iPhone X Notch Design


Apple has released a new Webkit API alongside the iOS beta that’ll allow the developers to optimize their apps to take the Full advantage of that notch design. So basically the developers can make that those black bars disappear, taking advantage of the extra screen on the sides of that Notch when users open their apps in the iPhone X.

That’s a great step Apple. It would be great if you can also give some good solutions for the Screen Freezing Issue of the iPhone X when it’s out in cold. Then people will at-least be not afraid to spend their money on your phone. Anyway, a completely functional notch design for every app will also be appreciated as that gives users rid of those black bars.





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