Must have Elden Ring Items


Without a doubt, Elden Ring has been one of the most popular games in the year 2022. This role-playing action game gives a bigger open-world adventure to its players through its feature to build the characters exactly the players want them to. Elden ring throws you out in the wilds without holding your hands too much which is something that the enthusiastic players appreciate. They offer many advantageous features that enhance the gaming experience for the players like letting them invest skill points into intelligence and faith which makes it a bit easier with sorceries or incantations. This game has the flexibility in ways you can go about progression.

Must have Elden Ring ItemsElden rings could be quite intimidating for the newcomers which sometimes results in you missing out on very strong or otherwise useful items early on. Here, merchants offer you the best Elden Ring Items including the best weapons, items, and upgrades that you won’t probably want to miss out on when starting playing. Acquiring these various items from the merchants early on can help you level out the playing field by a significant margin while fending off the hordes of tough mobs and bosses in the game. 

Below are some of the important items you should remember to get for yourself:

Best Keepsake

Firstly, you should definitely not forget about the keepsakes when creating your characters as they can provide some nice bonuses or other stuff at the start of the game and you can find what each of these does on your screen when you open them. But the best one in the long run among them is probably going to be the golden seed according to popular opinion as this gives you a permanent extra sacred flask that you can unlock at any nearby site of grace. There is also a second golden seed that you can early on in the game located in the storm hill on your way to the castle. You could grab it by the tree over there and you can go ahead to pick it. Between these two golden seeds, a player can access six total flasks at the start of the game instead of just four as it is usual, and then he/she can allocate them however you want to. Of course, there are other options too like the other popular one is the crimson amber medallion which slightly increases your hp by slightly. 

Crafting Kit and Unlocks

When you reach the church area very early on in the game, make sure you also go ahead and buy the crafting tools from a merchant called Kale for the price of 50 runes. This opens up crafting which gives you a ton of benefits. Though at first, you are only going runes to get access to some fire resist very useful potions, firebombs, and some throwing darts. You will eventually want to go ahead and buy these cookbooks including all three of them. These can be found in dungeons, chests, or dropped by fallen enemies. They do cost a bit but you can get access to a ton of cool stuff including arrows for some of the characters that might start with a longbow, for example, the samurai. They also give you access to some other items that will let you cost your weapons with things like fire and other consumables. Also for the arrows specifically, these are extremely useful even more so when you consider the nearby area of the church which is filled with wild beasts where you can just go on and kill for the bones so that you can turn all of them into arrows.

Mount and Map Unlocks

Early on in the game, you are going to reach gate front which is kind of like an enemy camp of sorts that is an amazing source of early on items and upgrades. One of them is going to be the spectral steed mount upon reaching the side of grace right next to the camp. You are going to get the mount by default and this is going to be your main way of travel on the map as it is super fast and can double jump, also ride air current. But it’s most important in mounted combat where you might have a lot of trouble early on with some of the encounters while mounted combat will make it way easier, especially for some of the melee classes in the game. And another added advantage is the fact that you don’t have to worry about your weight while on horseback. So you can pretty much equip anything, get the stats and then take the things down super fast. 

This is also when the game teaches you about map fragments which is the only way to reveal parts of the map in the Elden Ring. You will get the first local area map which is otherwise greyed out when you approach the glowing monument right in the middle of the camp. It is also advised to look for the indications on the map that resemble the same monument whenever you are in a new zone. As this is going to be the place where you will want to visit and grab the item that will unlock that part of the map. This is going to be for the overwhelming majority of the zones in Elden ring throughout the entire game. There are also some other items in the same area that you might definitely want to grab. You may find two weapons which include a greatsword and a flail. It is a great early weapon for strength-based that also deals with a ton of damage melee classes like the hero or the vagabond. The flail scales up with dexterity in case you are starting up with a warrior or other similar classes. 

Another important item that drops within the same camp is a brass shield and this has a chance to drop from the enemies that carry the golden shields. It is one of the first starting shields that give you a 100% physical damage block making it a much better starting option than the shields that your class comes with.

Must have Elden Ring ItemsAshes of War

In the same gate front camp that was mentioned above, you can find the final item that you should have, which is a white stone knife and the ashes of war. You will be able to get that from the wooden box inside of the cellar from the same camp. The white stone knife will let you apply and even switch out ashes of war on certain items. These will serve as the special skills and affinities that you can apply to your weapons and shields as they can give you interesting new abilities or even scale up your certain stats. Like heavy ashes on war can scale up your strength giving you a lot more. You can get a hold of great early on ashes of war in the war master shake that is northside around the forest area. You can choose from quite a few options and among them choose the one with the upward cut since it scales up with strength. You should buy Elden Ring Items like ashes of war to increase your firepower. 

There are also some options for the spellcaster as well in the spells department. Make sure to have a spirit wolf ashes. When you go to the church, you will meet up with Renna who is going to give you access to the spirit call bell as well as the wolf spirits. This is going to help you to just do summons in general but specifically, wolf spirits are the strongest as they provide a lot of damage and a means of destruction and also quite a lot of standard build-up. You can grab all this even if you are not a spellcaster. 

Cracked Pots

When facing formidable foes from a distance, throwables are of the best use to tackle them. You can craft these throwables with the use of Cracked Pots which can fairly be found as loot from enemies in an open world. However, the players are offered the very first pots that are sold by Kale, the merchant, for the price of 300 runes. The most basic item among cracked pots is the Fire Pot which is obtained by mixing a Smouldering Butterfly with a Mushroom in a cracked pot. This is the most important and beneficial one for the underleveled characters. 

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