Must Have for Garage Stored Vehicles

Garage Stored Vehicles
Garage Stored Vehicles

If you are storing your vehicle for an extended time, you need to properly prepare and protect it to ensure that it comes out of storage in as good condition as it went in. Typically, the best way to store your vehicle is to keep it in a garage. Even if you do this, however, you should consider getting a few accessories to protect your beloved vehicle. From covers to car storage bags, this is what you should put on your shopping list.

High-Quality Car Cover

The most important item you should get for any stored vehicle is a cover. Having a high-quality cover can ensure that your car or truck is protected from dirt, dust and more. If you are storing inside, you likely only need a dust cover. However, if you have large windows or otherwise expect UV rays or other hazards to reach your car or truck, consider an outdoor cover.

Whether you decide that an indoor cover is sufficient or that you need to upgrade to an outdoor alternative, make sure you buy a high-quality model. Low-quality covers can trap moisture against the paint and damage it.

Ground Cover

It is also important to have something protecting the underside of your vehicle from the ground. If you have a high-end garage floor, it may be sufficient to simply park normally. However, if you have old, damaged concrete or often have leaves and debris blowing into your garage, it is a good idea to lay down some plastic on the ground for extra protection.

Cleaning Supplies

Before storing any vehicle in any situation, you should clean it thoroughly. You will need the best car duster you can find to clean it off right before putting the cover on. However, you should also do a thorough hand washing.

Ideally, you should use purpose-made solutions for cleaning. Follow this up with hand drying using a microfiber towel or chamois. Finally, make sure to thorough wax your car.

Similarly, it is a good idea to clean the inside. While this step isn’t as essential as washing the outside, a good interior cleaning is always smart.

Upgrade With a Capsule

Consider upgrading your storage system with a car storage bubble or bag. These options completely surround your vehicle, keeping it protected from all sorts of hazards including the weather, dirt, dust and more.

Bubbles or capsules are especially popular for high-end or antique cars that will be stored indoors for a long time. While this may seem extreme, some cars can’t be easily fixed or touched up. So, setting up comprehensive protection is a smart idea.

Store Your Vehicle Properly

If you want to keep your car or truck in the best possible condition, you need to store it properly. Sitting for too long without proper TLC can be hazardous for automobiles. However, with the above accessories and a little preparation work, your vehicle should be kept in good shape. Don’t forget to fill the gas tank, add a fuel stabilizer and disconnect the battery also! A little work and investment can protect your beloved ride.